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  • Dominique Maes 5 months ago

    Little mistake? Bring THIER family? But great video!!!

  • Video Account 5 months ago

    On the other hand, some people don't like the idea that their lettuce was grown with "fish poop" it may be ignorance, but there are some people out there that think that way.

  • nirvik singh 5 months ago

    one question,what should be the ratio of fish in the vertical grow tower?i guess in horizontal grow bed we need 1pound of fish for every sq ft but what when we use vertical grow tower?please help!

  • Nate L 5 months ago

    Hydro is watering a reservoir once a week. i get bored too.

  • Kerwin Fernandes 5 months ago

    great video.. God Bless

  • Viola Zaalman 5 months ago

    hi can you combine these two systems? and how do you go about this, to set up this system?

  • Haruspex 5 months ago

    Can hydroponics work on fruit trees?

  • lvoerewq 5 months ago

    Great channel and video, should get a new mic though hahahaha

  • Roberto Maurizzi 5 months ago

    … plus, with aquaponics you get high-quality animal proteins! 😀
    A question on nutrients: of course we can't change the ratios of NPK and micros to tailor them to the plants, but we can try to change the water flow in NFT and vertical towers to try to adapt the quantity of delivered nutrients to the different kind of plants, I think. Any advice on how to calculate that starting from data on recommended NPK levels for a specific plant? TY!

  • Alice Edwards 5 months ago

    I would like to send in an initial layout for my aquaponics system how do I go about doing this? I can't afford to waste material or time doing it the wrong way please help