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Video Rating: / 5 ( A woman from France liked this system. She practiced on pipe with the sabre saw. She took photos and measurements. She wants to install this system on her balcony in Paris. ) ( This horizontal tube makes a ‘vertical garden,’ that is, an 8 foot wide sheet of green going up a fence or wall. See the video below for examples of other vertical gardens, in New York, the Middle East, and here in Los Angeles — ) This video will soon be updated with a series of shorter videos showing more advanced techniques. In this video, I convert a section of PVC pipe into a linear hydroponic garden for a window, balcony, walkway, fence, or wall. Fill the large diameter pipe with hydroponic rocks, then water with a drip system or pumped flow. Chipped brick or rock wool can also be used. The interior of the pipe creates a closed space for roots. The upper curve of the pipe protects the roots from light and air. The length of a single pipe can be twenty feet. A scrap drain pipe can reduce the cost of the project to less than 0 including the pump. ( In the years since I made this video, I assembled a three tube system for less than 0. Powered by a cheap solar panel and pump, the system operated automatically throughout the daylight hours. This year, the cheap pump failed, I bought a 0 pump and added two more tubes and 16 bucket/netpot modules. ( This enlarged system can be seen at — ) One tube can make a vertical space with sunlight — a window, a balcony railing, a walkway fence, a wall — a vertical expanse of green. Or multiple tubes make a vertical […]

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  • dyscea 4 years ago

    "Excelleeeent!" Lolz.

  • T. Hitter (fielder and pitcher) 4 years ago

    lol,  vertical.

  • Fimko Mapo 4 years ago

    The drawback to hydroponics is you need to pay for "plant food" or nutrition and supplements which can be pricey.

  • Cynthia Rae Eastman 4 years ago

    This looks like a horizontal vs vertical system :(