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Hydroponic PVC System, using 4 inch PVC tubes, 3 inch net pots with hydroton clay pellets as medium. It utilizes the flood and drain watering system which do not use any household electricity for the water delivery system. See my other Hydroponics video on: How to cut holes in PVC tube for a hydroponic system It is a fully automatic fill (flood) and drain watering system by use of a solar panel & charge controller, 12v storage cell battery, 12v water pump, and 12v digital timer. Delivering water & nutrients at timed intervals throughout the PVC tube setup. Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for new updates and videos on this fantastic hobby and other upcoming DIY projects! Hydroponic Equipment & Accessories (Grow lights, submersible water pump, PH Testers, Conductivity Testers, ) Available here: Other hobbies: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsAutomatic Watering Garden Tower – Soil & Hydroponics System – Set Up Kit InstructionsHYDROPONICS SYSTEMS BEING POWERED BY SOLAR ENERGYHydroponic Solar Powered Vertical Vegetable GardenAquaponics System – Solar Powered Vertical TowerSolar Powered Hydroponic WatermelonSolar Powered Aquaponic GroPockets – Vertical Gardening.

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