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Investing in Hydroponics can be a great investment. In this video we show you what a great investment hydroponic systems can be and how you can create your own business doing this type of Gardening. Related Videos: Dutch Bucket Hydroponics – How It Works & How to Make Your Own Buckets How to grow Strawberries in Hydroponics, Tips #1 2013 Off the grid hydroponics: the Kratky method Dutch Bucket Hydroponics inside Harbor Freight 10×12 Greenhouse Off-Grid Hydroponics Experiment – The Kratky Method & Floating Raft Hydroponics Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHydroponic Systems – Learn & Create Your Hydroponics SystemEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodHydroponics Systems | Hydroponic Bubble Flow Bucket System | Ebb and Flow BucketSave on your animal feed using Hydroponics Farming – Titus MwemaEco Flo Black Widow DWC Grow Bucket Hydroponics Systems With AIT Air Injection Technologyaquaponics systems | hydroponics | backyard aquaponics

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  • Dan Roy 1 year ago

    Links listing of methods already exist, not ur design. Where is ur design link? How do I buy plans?

  • sailingsolar 1 year ago

    Buy seeds and make 10's of thousands.   I only have to work for free.  Insects are never addressed by you,  along with other plant diseases all farmers have to deal with but you are blind to.  You are making Bernard Madoff claims only fools are able to believe because you only paint pretty pictures and you NEVER planted a single seed you admitted to.  Your advising that which you have no real world practical experience of or knowledge about.  Shame on YOU and those ignorant and foolish enough to believe the fairytale you pandering.

  • Sean Susun 1 year ago

    The video talks about the system, but doesn't show the instructions on how to build it, or give detail. Is there a missing link?

  • trethehunter 1 year ago

    one thing not discussed, that I would wonder about, is what size water resivour would you need

  • Hydroponics - KENYA 1 year ago


    This system is great for Africa. I like growth too! I would like to go for it. How do I acquire the designs?