Added by on 2017-07-04 Hydroponics (From the Greek words hydro, water and ponos, labor) is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil. The farm is actually inside the super market and the produce is actually grown in front of the consumer. The produce can be harvest all year long. Video Rating: / 5 Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsThe Future of Transportation in NJ (2005)THESIS 2013 RMUTT – INNOVATION VERTICAL FARMING FOR FUTURE IN BANGKOK (HD)Behind the Scenes with Future Farms (India) – Our new Hydroponic Rooftop Farm – Day 1Behind the Scenes with Future Farms (India) – #18 Our new Hydroponic large-scale farm, KelambakkamBehind the Scenes with Future Farms (India) – Our Hydroponic Rooftop Farm – Latest UpdateThis Farm of the Future Uses No Soil and 95% Less Water

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  • Atomis Farms 6 months ago

    Tell that dude with the black booger under his nose to cut that off.

  • MrEjidorie 6 months ago

    Why don`t South Koreans provide their poor brothers and sisters in the North with this amazing hydroponic technology? I`m quite sure a lot of North Koreans will be saved, and peaceful relations between the two Koreas will be promoted.

  • s.vikramaditya parmar 6 months ago

    i ts a amazing hydroponic system im very impress this proses .


  • Valerio Menicucci 6 months ago

    it's amazing!

  • dieeeeeeeeeeego 6 months ago

    Nothing more stupid !! Just trust on Agronomic Engineers from Argentina with a perfect earth and clima to grow.

  • Tamandua-bandeira 6 months ago

    thats dumb its supposed to be cheaper