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Are “Organic” nutrients really better for your system or for you customers? Find out in this video from expert Dr. Nate Storey of Bright Agrotech. Related PostsOrganic Hydroponics Vs Conventional.有機養液栽培・コマツナ収穫 Leaf vegetables cultivation by Organic hydroponicsOrganic Nutrients for incredible hydroponics yieldsGrowex – Coco Coir Substrate – Hydroponics Organic & Soil Gardening – Canna Nutrients Coco.How to start growing hydroponics from seeds with rockwool cubesOrganic Hydroponics Rootzone 1

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  • Jacob Smith 2 years ago

    One little note on synthetic fertilizers. They all get nitrogen from ammonia. Currently, in order to accomplish this a complex gasification process called the Haber-Bosch Process uses fossils fuels as the main ingredient. Most often natural gas is used, but also coal and oil is used in countries that don't have natural gas reserves or refineries, like China. This Haber-Bosch Process produces CO2 and Methane in the manufacture of ammonia, as well as other greenhouse gases. Through this process, a 50lbs bag of nitrogen represents approximately one gallon of gasoline. Can you image how many pounds of nitrogen are used on the fields of big commercial agriculture, and how much fossil fuels are consumed just in the manufacture alone, not including transportation and application of chemical fertilizers?. Sure, we're able to feed billions of people by this process, but for how long? Do your research on sustainable organics and vegan based nutrients. There are alternatives.?

  • tommidrab83 2 years ago

    Umm enjoy your chemicals i guess… bon apetit n all?

  • Thomas Edgar 2 years ago

    nice beard?

  • Nick B 2 years ago

    very well said, nothing is simple and organic doesnt = sustainable. I think a greater understanding of the environment and our resources is really needed in the next generation that currently is lacking.

  • L?ng Ho 2 years ago


  • Glen Wolf 2 years ago

    …and optimally, my fertilizer would not be using fish or any self-aware animals in a cruel way.?

  • Glen Wolf 2 years ago

    So…what is a nicely sustainable but totally organic liquid fertilizer/nutrient product that I can use if I decide to go with organic over conventional (which I am 100% sure I will)? (and where do I get it online?)?

  • Shay Regev 2 years ago


    Is there ANY research on the risk in using aquaphonics?
    is there any risk in the fact you are constantly watering the plants with fish waste? (or water running through fish waste).?

  • AquaponicsNYC 2 years ago

    I was wondering when you might address sustainability in AP because so much of the fish food made out there is made with Menhedan, a filter feeder at the base of the food chain for fish which is now at critically over fished levels. That in combination with the need augment systems with deficient nutrients and minerals should surely concern those choosing a sustainable path. The future will be fish foods made from insect proteins fed by the human consumption waste stream.?

  • preston maloney 2 years ago

    Great input, thanks for the perspective. I am trying to plan for a comershal aquaponics system myself, so your understanding of what is both practical and sustainable is very helpful. i would like to be certified organic so my options will be a little more limited. My impression would be that you could create some sustainable organic solutions that would save you money in the long run. It would just take some initial investment and ingenuity, not to mention a lot of failing before you got it right. For instance integrating traditional compost into an aquaponics system. If you could figure out how to do that safely and effectively, that could produce some great nutrients. Not sure if it's possible, but if it worked it would be awesome?

  • goforgreenliving 2 years ago

    I'm setting up my greenhouse system a little at a time with as little bit of money as I can swing (you don't make a lot on a homestead lol)

  • Paul McDonald 2 years ago

    Thank you Nate!
    I started in aquaponics about 3 months ago and have been trying to find fish and animal friendly products to supplement the nutrition in the fish food. I recently got a jug of "Sea-Crop" because I've heard a lot about trace minerals being necessary for many plants to have optimum nutrient density. As soon as I got home, John Kohler at did a video on another sea extract product that has all those organic/OMRI endorsements.

    Do you have any thoughts, rumors, or experience with ocean water derived mineral blend additives?

    Thanks Again!?

  • Smalltowntexas 2 years ago

    Great video I have been hoping that you would go over this information. I have been doing a lot of reading about the subject