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I put a lot of work into learning and making a nice grow room but in the end my knowledge wasn’t good enough to stop a complete failure of this grow. I have no back ground in gardening what so ever and this has been a tremendous growing experience for me in terms of what I have learned to date. I hope this helps some from making my mistakes and opens the discussion for improvements. Thanks for your time Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to Grow Medical Marijuana Seed to Harvest E20 Hydroponics in RockwoolUsing fish to grow medical marijuanaDIY Hydroponics Grow Closet Upgrades (DWC) | My First Grow 11First Cannabis Grow – Weeks 1-3 – Indoor Hydroponic Marijuana2.4 LB CANNABIS HARVEST! INDOOR MEDICAL MARIJUANA GROW2.4 LB CANNABIS HARVEST! INDOOR MEDICAL MARIJUANA GROW

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  • S gill 4 years ago

    Why not just try again brother? Run the chiller keep temps low make sure the room is air conditioned and run a dehumid

  • Rik Thistle 4 years ago

    SmartBee Controllers can help a grower to monitor and control their lights, temperature, humidity, CO2, pH and water content remotely using the SmartBee controller/sensors through their smart phone or tablet. Allows a grower to keep track of their environment and improve yields 20-25%.

  • Steven Belue 4 years ago

    I posted my comment before I realized how old this video was. I don't know if your checking back in on your comments but I just wanted to say there's no dought you've become very successful at this by now. You've got what it takes just look at the room you built. It's quiet impressive and if you hadn't got some bad advice and a couple things went the other way your first go at it could have turned out a lot different. 

  • Steven Belue 4 years ago

    Did you check the temps of your nutrient solution at the buckets, if you have a lot of distance between the res and plant sites temps may have been even higher. High temps coupled with saturated Rockwood cubes and maybe no airstones in each bucket might have been your problem. Super nice setup, I believe you will have success with hydro with what you have learned.

  • Kenneth Ramey 4 years ago

    as far as the rotting stalks, I would guess that you water 24/7. I would switch to a flood and drain system and water about 5 times a day.

  • Kenneth Ramey 4 years ago

    wow, to say the lease you have an impressive setup. I wanted to add my pennies worth. I hope i didn't miss you say it, but I dont see a good source of CARBON DIOXIDE. It's often forgotten. Everything else in our world breaths oxygen, and exhales CO2. We forget plants need CO2 to breath, and exhale oxygen. However, it is good to oxygenate the water. The roots do absorb some oxygen. Get a bag of CO2 like this

    copy and paste this if not clickable

  • Gary Host 4 years ago

    Since you're using Monsanto nutrients, maybe the plants will come back as zombies ;)

  • Dr Dabs 4 years ago

    still a killer room

  • el Flaco 66 4 years ago

    Water do you have a reverse osmosis system get all contaminates out of your local water source? A must have

  • el Flaco 66 4 years ago

    Now that it's been almost 3yrs how well is your garden producing now? over 10 pounds dry weight? Just curios cause my goal would be about that 3x's a year. So I can buy a home in the mountains.

  • el Flaco 66 4 years ago

    You do have an air pump w/air stones in each bucket giving the roots oxygen right? Your water level maybe way too high causing the rot. Sure wish you would have opened top so we could get a glimpse at the water level, seems like you my have it too high but can't see it, I have seen other gardens that looked like your problem and it was too much water near the top will rot every time. The more you grow the better you will get, we learn from our mistakes and also learn from what we do right. It's a journey, have fun.

  • el Flaco 66 4 years ago

    With your set up do you find all the bottom hose's going to each bucket free from roots blocking at the exit point, so all the buckets have consistent flow? I found when I had a set up like this as they flower and the roots become very large the roots will block the  flow to each bucket. Causing water levels to be high and root rot. You want 5-6inches of no water from the top of bucket by week 3-4in veg so the water level comes to just around bottom of the basket. When flushing time came it was a major hassle for me. How is your flushing going? That's when I found major root blockage from hose to hose where I would have to clean out excess talk about labor intensive. What I ended up doing was a single bucket system w/ a drain hose that flips up when full and when I flush I unhook and flip it down it's so much easier for me, because I have severe spine pain from IED blast nine yrs. ago and my garden and making art saved my life also smoking out in a medical state. So where I live we can only have 4in flower 12 in veg. The set up I have I am able to produce a QP or more dry weight from each bucket. I found it easier to manage one plant at a time with nutrients, ph level etc.. You went all out your first time out, slow down it's not a marathon try simplifying and up date with how it's going? Peace

  • humphrex 4 years ago

    u probably played the wrong music

  • Beachcrib 4 years ago

    Grodan needs oxygen . Black wet grodan is a problem . Easy

  • foxracer927 4 years ago

    need tomato cages or screen for support, water chiller, correct additives ie silicon, at no more than 700 ppms. you said the first 2 weeks were awesome? yes. because the disease allowed to develope in the system and infect. a water chiller will prevent disease from developing and control consistency for rootzone, many benefits dont spend money on cleaners and all that crap i know people who use absolutely nothing but nutrients the correct sized chiller.

  • Ryan Casey 4 years ago

    hey dude! just seeing this video for the first time. I had a similar experience with DWC. I still pulled down a crop that was decent, but definitely had issues with root rot. One thing I learned is to run the DWC system sterile. best thing to do is use Clear-Rez, or just use granulated pool shock at 1 gram per gallon of water. just adding chlorine will keep the system sterile and allow the roots to thrive

  • mr mr 4 years ago

    I mean is dwc really worth it

  • John Womack 4 years ago

    Really nice set up. Sorry for your expensive learning curve. I am starting my own setup with much smaller scale and because of your trial and error I think you saved me from failure. I have rock wool being fed by top feed, and now i am sure it is too much. I am going to set them to only come on 3 to 4 times a day and I'll keep trying. Thanks for the help. Wish you much future success.