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Hydroponics, simple without the fuzz of fish growing, using chemicals etc… 4 pvc tubes, connectors, a water buffer, 1 waterpump and some compost tea. Look how to make compost tea. I use some of the compost tea, i made for the garden in the hydroponics culture instead of all the chemicals and fish waste. This is a very easy do it your self way to grow veggies ! Lovin it. The plants love it and it looks good. An improved all in one design (more lowcost also) to be build in the future, to also use indoors. Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer: Video Membership From Top Dog Trainer Homemade hydroponic lettuce system Homemade hydroponic lettuce system Homemade hydroponic lettuce system Homemade hydroponic lettuce system Hydroponic Lettuce Greenhouse Hydroponic Lettuce Greenhouse Hydroponic Lettuce Greenhouse Hydroponic Lettuce Greenhouse lettuce farming Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsAquaponics Rocks ( Growing Medium ) Wash Install Plant – $40 Aquaponics – Barrelponics Made EasySimple Hydroponic System Made from Soup ContainersHow To Build Garden Box For Under $10 (Part 1): Gardening Ideas DIY Made Simple By AimanHYDROPONICS HOME MADE SETUP NUTRIENT WATER WITH AIR PUMPDIY lettuce hydroponics- simple without any nutrientsHOME MADE AEROPONIC HYDROPONICS SYSTEMS

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  • paulo castillo 1 year ago

    Hi, good design….
    thanks for sharing it…
    how do you make the compost tea? It is the residual liquid of the compost + oxygen?
    greettings ….?

  • lee ?? 1 year ago

    4 ?PVC? ? PVC????? ??

  • Naoki Kashima 1 year ago

    Brilliant design! Being able to grow your own food is a super useful skill to have. Thanx for sharing.?

  • Gary West 1 year ago

    I wonder how much of the Tube gets filled, or up to what point? 1/4 or less of the tube?
    So if you needed more water to stay in the system, to fill the tube up more, maybe put a plastic ball valve on that small tube in the bucket, then you have a way to slow the flow and have more or less water in the tube at any time, just close the ball valve a little to raise the water level inside the tube, may help with smaller new plants, that have smaller roots?

  • Lambo Mater 1 year ago

    The disadvantage of hydroponics is you have to pay for "plant food" or nutrients and supplements that can be more costly.?

  • roger l Waters 1 year ago

    great video

  • the0prynce 1 year ago

    Do you know the GPH of that pump? How did it all turn out? Did the adult plants have vertical space to grow??

  • click411 1 year ago

    are you suppose to have the reservoir water in a closed dark tank so algae doesn't grow and also also do you have a link for the compose tea and how to make.

  • Matija K. 1 year ago

    The only downside is that this setup heats water too high… I'm talking from experience…?

  • emc4u2 1 year ago

    absolutely, that is going to be my next project, with a smaller pump. The pipes not stacked on to of each other, but all lower and stacked as a staircase. This way the pumping hight is reduced. Then add growlights (cheap from china) and hook it all to solar nd battery. (i converted lead acid to alum battery – see work of john bedini) so the battery's are stronger and can handle constant solar charging.
    thx !

  • NIKK420 1 year ago

    Real nice

  • emc4u2 1 year ago

    Tomato plants just love hydroponics (or as this is called hydro culture) as i am not using any fish… yet…

  • emc4u2 1 year ago

    It is a simple 25 watt fish pond pump, with a fountain outlet and a secundary outlet. I think the brand name of the pump is v-tech. two seperate outlets on one pump lets me control the water flow.

  • moraloff 1 year ago

    Very Nice!! What kind of pump you are using?

  • Eric B 1 year ago

    Really great!
    This year i make to much tomatoes plants. Not enought place in my garden.
    It's inspire me.
    Eric (France)

  • Manuel Ionescu 1 year ago

    those plastic cups i don t think are the best idea..?

  • Skeenit Skeenit 1 year ago

    Great system and love the music.?

  • kabyl akli 1 year ago

    is the music Kurdish ? i like it !!?

  • Bertimus Maximus 1 year ago

    Great Music?

  • rtd237891 1 year ago

    a system like this would cost quite a lot money !?

  • TheOldLookOutLodge 1 year ago

    you need to shut that "music" down..?

  • ????? ?????? 1 year ago


  • Ghulam Mohyuddin 1 year ago

    Fantastic and very informative?

  • Lachapelle Womenthe 1 year ago

    Thanks alot for the video, exactly what I was looking for and cant wait to build one. Start with OFFERANDO AQUAPONICS X10?

  • ?smail Tul 1 year ago


  • Paul Wanjohi 1 year ago

    I like it?

  • altha2008 1 year ago

    This is what I was thinking about doing. Just

  • tuforu4 1 year ago


  • noddy3007 1 year ago

    I found top corner pipe adapters are more expensive then just using 2x corner pipes and adding a foam sleave with a window cut out as high as you want the water level. hope that helps anyone.?

  • Ron C 1 year ago

    I kind of dig the music.?

  • Brian Boe 1 year ago

    Nice lettuce …….music …not so much?

  • Hassen ally Mungur 1 year ago


  • Jisbin Thomas 1 year ago

    I'm not sure but ,if anyone else is searching for aquaponics book try Tarbetti Amazing Aquaponics Tutor (just google it ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my neighbor got excellent success with it.?

  • Hasan Mammadov 1 year ago
  • Rossandro Caxito 1 year ago

    very nice project well done. what the space between the plants ??