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  • justin d 5 years ago

    YES THATS RIGHT..i have those in place,i got them from the grow shop for
    10$ a you have anything growing?? thanks for the responce

  • Aquavidify 5 years ago

    wow this is amazing! Any tips an how to support tomatoes as they grow. i
    was thinking some sort of spring loaded retractible cord, or something to
    that effect, any ideas?

  • justin d 5 years ago

    thats great!! i was displaced from the flooding in calgary and lost 95% of
    my grow.. but i salvaged about 15 tomatoe plants and have a great yeild…
    when i grow hydro tomatoes from seedling to fruit in 5 weeks..i have to set
    up another system here for the you have a hydroponic store close
    to you?

  • Aquavidify 5 years ago

    Yes, I’ve got tobacco,mint (hemmingway mojhito),gem lettuce,
    tomato,jalapeno, sweet peppers, cayenne, aloe vera, kale, strawberries, and
    some more stuff outside like lavender, I distilled the lavender recently
    down to the oil – it was amazingly sucessful! This is my first season
    growing, I hope to plant some waste/unused land in front of my house with
    lavender, mint, lemon balm, small eucalyptus bushes for distillation. I
    have a grow room but no hydro. It’s worth effort when toms taste so good!