Today we are going to show you a hydroponics setup which we have done in our balcony. SO what’s is hydroponics?
Hydroponics is the method of growing plants without soils, basically growing them in water.

Kraft Seeds Agropeat/Cocopeat

Hydrilla Hydroponics Net Pots (3 Inch) -20 Pieces

GreenLoop Pure Hydroponic Nutrients-LEAFY-200
by GreenLoop

SAFESEED PHMTR001 Digital Lcd Pocket Pen Type Ph Meter for Water Purity Pool Aquarium Measurement, Yellow

amiciTools 35 watt Submersible Water Pump 2.5m Water Lift for Cooler, Aquarium and Fountains
by amiciKart

Sobo 2 Way Air Pump

City Greens Hydrotons Leca Clay Pebbles 3 L (1.5 Kg) for Hydroponics Aquaponics
by CityGreens17
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Hydroponics in apartment balcony | Vertical Gardening at home using PVC pipe| NFT system

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