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I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ( Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHydroponics DIY: Build A Flood And Drain / Ebb and Flow Hydroponic SystemBuild your own Ebb and Flow / Flood and Drain Hydroponics System DIY Animated VersionIWS Flood and Drain – Hydroponic SystemDifferent Types Of Hydroponics (Vertical Growing, Flood And Drain, Aeroponics, Rotary System Etc)How To Set Up Hydroponics Flood and Drain System (Ebb and Flow)How to set up an Ebb and Flow / Flood and Drain Hydroponics Growing System – PART 1 of 6

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  • phil morehead 1 year ago

    how many times a day do you flood  n drain

  • Fay Styir 1 year ago

    Skillful gardener is not blessed, but with the suitable resource and clear plan.

  • mike j 1 year ago

    question,  when u say 4 floods, is that per 24 hr cycle? ps, vid web address doesn't work

  • RENEGADE MUSIC INC 1 year ago

    these guys dont like each other.. lol

  • Sure ToGrow 1 year ago

    Hey Chris, these videos are republished because we added a clip to both the front and back end letting people know that we have a new e-commerce website where customers can buy directly from us at new lower prices.

  • Chris Cross 1 year ago

    I saw these videos weeks ago, why are being published again.