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If you want to know how to make a grow box but dont know which system is right for you, Matt Geschke of Sure To Grow reviews the pros and cons of four hydroponic system plans, including top drip, flood and drain, raft / DWC (deep water culture) and aeroponic systems. This is the first video in the Hydroponics How To series. To learn more, visit Related PostsHydroponics How To: Choosing the Right Homemade Hydroponic SystemHydroponic Farming System | Hydroponics Homemade For BeginnersHomemade Hydroponics System | Deep Water Culture | Carolina Reaper Grow #6 | Hot Peppers | LED Growhydroponics growing system homemade – Building a hydroponic vertical gardenHydroponics growing system: How to build a homemade DIY Deep Water Culture or DWC growing systemEasy $5 Homemade Hydroponics System DIY in 5 Minutes Kratky Method

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  • predjee 1 year ago

    Why are other videos put to private video!?

  • DeistReality 1 year ago

    Very informational,and well done video guys…thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!

  • Juanita T. Wilson 1 year ago

    Thanks for the video.
    I also have the thorough step-by-step video lessons teaching how to build your own home made Aquaponic system. Its very easy that even your grandma can do it!
    Visit the following web site for additional information:

  • Sandra Jackson 1 year ago

    That Jermy guy is so damn cute.

  • Google cloud 1 year ago

    Hey, can Matt narrate an animation explaining hydroponics? I think that could be really clear and informative.

  • iGROWLights 1 year ago

    please give us a call, we will get you taken care of. 216-360-8116

  • Grundalizer 1 year ago

    Why can't I buy anything off your website?

  • knz9701 1 year ago

    Wot a great explanatory video of all these types of systems: I was soo confused in the new world of hydroponics and now have hope to grow um in my rental townhouse that has NO yard. So knowing which one I should do is a major plus. BIG MAHALOS Guys…

  • Sure ToGrow 1 year ago

    We love NFT for lettuce and smaller crops. We have several videos showing that method.

  • Hydroponics4Dummies 1 year ago

    What do you think of our hydropnics starter kits? Do you think we should try and expand into other core realated hyro products.

  • HerbalixPro 1 year ago

    What do you think of our hydropnics starter kits? Do you think we should try and expand into other core realated hyro products.

  • SIDEWINDERable 1 year ago

    Try ~>Growzay's Hydroponic Wave System<~

  • SIDEWINDERable 1 year ago

    Try~> Growzay's Hydroponic Wave System<~

  • Sure ToGrow 1 year ago

    @arejshay We love when our growers try new things. STG is not going to change color till we begin to mak ite out of recycled 7up bottles. STG is a non-wicking media, in most system if you keep the water away from the top of our media it will stay dry, clean and algae free all by itself.

  • arejshay 1 year ago

    The color sure to grow should be black. Then all the problems of light or covering it are solved. I died mine black because I did get algae and seeds germinating in reverse because of the light problem of the cube. You say put on soil. But thats the point of sure to grow to avoid all that mess. If the substrate was black every problem imaginable the I can think of are solved. AGAIN I DIED MINE BLACK!!! WORKS PERFECTLY NOW. NO NEED TO COVER TAPE OR DIRT ON TOP TO BLOCK OUT LIGHT.

  • Sure ToGrow 1 year ago

    @supercaleb08 you betcha, like all hydroponic media STG has nutrient value. It's inert, sterile and pH nuetral.

  • YourGardenShow 1 year ago

    Dear Sure to Grow,

    Good info! Please consider upload to YourGardenShow,
    a social network, for gardeners and others. YGS would be a new audience for your hydroponic systems. The YGS founders are Lisa and Tom, farmers who are also community builders. It would be interesting to hear what you think of our site.

  • Sure ToGrow 1 year ago

    I have never physically opened a bag of mapito, but I've seen pictures….. looks very similar, but can't guarantee the performance is the same. Some of the hail is stuck to other pieces which makes me feel it will mimic it. I'll get some mapito and let you know what I find out.


  • Sure ToGrow 1 year ago

    Dont think so. STG is entielry PET fiber not a foam. It's also pH nutrual and looks like a whole lot cleaner to work with. Hail are 1" cubes not a shred, just place in your container and turn the system on, pre prep needed.

  • drummerg2 1 year ago

    Does the new Hail act/mimic Mapito grow media?????