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  • Amjad Siddiqui85

    Anyone can explain me I am really crazy to learn it and I need just chemical name that will use in hydroponic plant and how much price of chemical 

  • dev bachu

    hi can I have a pvcsystem outdoor without air stone an pumps an what the nutrients ratio to 5 gallon water for leafy crops an fruit crops

  • George Adams

    I do like your videos… but I don't think this will work… too close together and how will you support 4 ft tall plants. I would like to see one work first…

  • matt glenn

    PVC is great to grow in!!  However I think you have the plants to close together in your system diagram. I know tomatoes plants needs a little more space to grow. I have an Aquaponics system right now, but I can see that I am not utilizing my space well enough. It was just an experiment, so next year i will use more PVC and less dutch buckets to grow from! Call me MR T PEPPER. The T stands for TOMATOES!
    Thank you for the direction, starting a homestead next year and this will be handy!

  • Sheri Dunham

    Where are the details of your system for $606. You wasted my time and it was a major disappointment to never get the blueprints and/or the parts list.

  • Sunny W

    What a FARCE !!!!
    This video is nothing but an advertisement. There is NOTHING about the title in the content. 

  • blindbarrel

    dear sir, kindly give your contact information like phone number..i would like to talk to you about this system…thank you

  • Alica Bowling

    The downside of hydroponics is you must buy "plant food" or nutrition and supplements which can be expensive.

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