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Grow Tent The best hydroponics grow tent system. This hydroponics grow tent system has a new height of 8 FEET high to fit in any standard 8 foot ceiling hydroponics grow room. Increased height grows heavier plants and larger yields. Use standard grow lights or newest improved led grow lights Mega Mortgage Lifter 3.0 – 52 Plant Hydroponics Grow Tent System The Mega Mortgage Lifter is the highest producing grow tent on earth! It will produce more plants and veggies than you can possibly imagine. This grow tent has been designed with an ultra high quality design for maximum yield at harvest time Hydroponics Indoor garden grow tent supplies 48 pounds of dried plant matter per year! This exceptional hydroponic grow tent produces enormous harvests for growers by using complex processes that yield plants faster and stronger than most any other system! This beast might be complicated to create but it is very easy to use. You won’t need anything other than plants. Although we recommend the 52 site, you have a choice on which kind of hydroponics grow tent system you want in the Mega Mortgage Lifter. We recommend the 24 site only if you plan on growing gigantic plants. Find out why the Mega Mortgage Lifter is so popular amongst customers! The Mortgage Lifter now uses the popular Gorilla Grow Tent which means you get tons of extra features including the ability to raise the ceiling of the tent Four 600w HPS grow lights, Lumatek digital, dimmable ballasts, and Blazer 6″ AC Reflectors Choose from 52 site or 24 site hydroponics systems. (We recommend 52 site) Odor Free Growing w/ Carbon Scrubber & Filter Speedster inline fan system Dual 6″ Hurricane fans 50′ of Thermoflo SR Ducting 10 outlet power strip Three 6″ circulation fans Analog […]

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