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Hydroponics Gardyn Review

| Hydroponic Gardening | 19 Comments
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  • Samantha Allerton

    Thank you for making this! I just bought a gardyn and was not aware that you needed to germinate your seeds beforehand. Did you water the pods at all before putting them in the tray with 1/4 an inch of water? Also, how long did it take for your pods to germinate?

  • MsMuffin2008

    This was such a great and in-depth review. I've been eyeing the Gardyn system for sometime and now, thanks to your review, I am more bent on buying a Gardyn now than ever! I do have one question though that I'd love your insight on: Has/Does the Gardyn attract pests into your home? If you have found this to be a problem in your experience, what methods do you use to prevent/minimize this? Thanks again for offering such a rich review for viewers like me!

  • L Pagan

    The video was very informative however I have a couple of questions. Can you use your own seeds? I may have missed that. Can you grow flowers for outside planting in it?

  • Samantha Harmon

    Did you notice a significant increase in your electric bill? about how many hours a day is the light on and does the app tell you where each pod needs to be placed, or you have the option to place them wherever you'd like?

  • Julia Swanson

    Thank you for your review. I am very intrigued by this unit. The big question I have is what kind of noise does it make? A few years ago a neighbor had a different system and it had a constant running water sound that just echoed through the house. I have hearing issues and constant repetitive noises even from another room grate my nerves and make it hard for me to hear other things. Thanks again for you information.

  • Amanda Kerschen

    I just ordered my gardyn today after thinking about it for two months. Thanks for the heads up in the tray! I’ll be sure to give that a try! I’d also like to ask about the membership. I’m single and the idea of getting 10 cubes per month seems like overkill. I saw below you said that you hadn’t replaced any cubes yet. It’s that still the case? I’m afraid I’m going to have just piles and piles of cubes I can’t get to fast enough.

  • HeyElayna

    this was a wonderful review! I am prepping for future stay at home orders here in Texas and this seems like a great solution for my vegetarian diet. One their website they currently have a 4th of July sale! code: JULY4 this gives you. $100 off! I'm excited to put in my order today 😀 You mentioned that there was an item missing you had to get. What did you end up getting? Is it just called Soaking Trey on Amazon?
    Again thank you for the wonderful quality of your review.

  • Laura Nicholson

    Once it gets going, does it actually produce enough to feed you, without grocery store supplements?
    Also, is it noisy?

  • Rhonda Mayfield

    Fantastic review, thank you! You mentioned in one of your comments that it feeds your family of 3 and I’m assuming you eat these foods on a weekly or daily basis? In your interactions with the company have they mentioned possibly having more fruits like Berries in the future? I saw that Strawberries are coming soon but was hoping Raspberries, Blackberries etc. Thank you!

  • Sharon Morris

    Very nice video, thank you for making this. You didn't mention anything about the plant food. Do they send it to you? Is it a separate purchase? Is the plant food organic????? I do like this set up better than the Grow Tower because of space but it's concerning that your plants did get so yellow. This is now the end of May could you post an update and let us know how it's working out or not?

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