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How-To Build your Own Hydroponic System for Beginners. I tried to make this system as cheap as I could and as simple as possible. It was a learning project. … Automated hydroponics greenhouse factory for the commercial production of lettuce and other leafy greens. Novel technology developed in Israel and the UK. Wi… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related PostsEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodHydroponic Farming System | Hydroponics Homemade For BeginnersSimple Home Hydroponics Kit for Beginners — Kids Under 10Hydroponics Growing System Homemade PVC for BeginnersHow To Grow Hydroponics | DIY Hydroponics | Hydroponics for beginnersHydroponics Easy Self Sustaining – Beginners DIY Tomato Drip System part 1

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  • Engineered Truth 3 years ago

    very cool?

  • Flube Smith 3 years ago

    You do excellent demonstration videos. This is a perfect example of how
    demo videos should be done.
    One question. You mentioned you had 3 days of torrential rain. What do you
    do when the rainfall overflows the tub? Just let it go??

  • Mark Sendzik 3 years ago

    Nice video. I would use a hole saw used for cutting holes in doors for door
    knobs. It’s a saw that adapts to a standard hand drill. Any hardware store
    should carry them. Again, thanks for the video. I like your clear concise

  • Ed Klingele 3 years ago

    use a fucking hole saw you dumb ass?

  • carolyn di donato 3 years ago

    WOW you made a mess! honestly you needed to look up hydroponic system first
    get a circular attachment for your drill make sure it is 1/4 smaller then
    your pots. second it your nutrients you put into the tub and use a
    submersible pump to circulate the water to the drip system. Everything is
    basically self contained except since your doing it outside you don’t use
    the air pumps you set your system up different. You add a submersible pump
    and put a raiser on attach a plastic sprinkler head. With a timer for 30 on
    30 mins off. so no CO2 is needed. That for inside systems, You either do it
    with a sprinkler or do it with submersible But is your doing it outside
    usually the sprinkler system. especially when your tubs are not made strong

  • Peter Hamilin 3 years ago

    Very interesting first lecture on hydroponics. I am now stimulated
    To investigate farther. I hope to grow my own vegetables this way!?

  • Wadie56 3 years ago

    Why didn’t you just use a hole saw ??

  • Richard Pouncy 3 years ago
  • Tuco Yamamoto 3 years ago

    Never put your thumb in front of a knife when cutting, always cut away from
    you or you will lose digits.?

  • Soylant 3 years ago

    Say “tote tub” one more time. I dare you! haha very good. So many kits
    and videos online already but they don’t explain some of the basics for
    people who are interesting in trying hydroponics for the 1st time?

  • Kenneth Diaz 3 years ago

    why do you need an Air Pump??

  • rick d 3 years ago

    I agree with other commentors. the best, hands down step by step video I
    have ever seen on any topic. you don’t waste time jacking ur jaw about non
    related topics and you are very detailed about how and what to do. thank
    you. I feel much more confident about setting up my own system now. ?

  • SuperMattstube 3 years ago

    how far from the bottom of the nettie pot did you plant?

  • M Stratocaster 3 years ago

    You forgot to let the tubs sit for a couple of days to get rid of all
    chlorine and other junk that is in tap water.?

  • Dallas Owens 3 years ago

    Is this good for weed??

  • Michael Cady 3 years ago

    Run a layer of duct tape around your tote before you fill it with water and
    it wont bow out once its filled.?

  • a1930ford 3 years ago

    I went to WalMart and “acquired” a couple of storage bins as your video
    directed. They were awfully difficult to hide under my shirt. When security
    stopped me, I told them that you had mentioned in the video several times
    that you “acquired” your storage bins and I was just following your
    instructions. As they clamped the handcuffs onto my wrists, the security
    officer said to me that you may have used the word “purchased” instead of
    “acquired” to better explain what you had done. I am hoping the Judge will
    have a better understanding than the security officer did. Man, these cuffs
    are really tight and I’m not so sure I can cut net pot holes with my hands
    cuffed behind my back like this. The security officer said not to worry, as
    I can make license plates instead. :-)?

  • adam wright 3 years ago

    Cool video. I’m going to try my hand at some tomatoes and peppers. Also I’m
    going to tie a piece of rope around the top of the container before filling
    it with water. Hopefully it keeps it from swelling open so the lid will go
    right on it.?

  • Scott Patterson 3 years ago

    Thank you for an excellent instructional video. All my issues have now been

  • David Dube 3 years ago

    So, food grade plastic wasn’t an important factor for you, recycled plastic
    is fine, right??

  • Eye of Horus 3 years ago

    Thank you for a good video!
    Photo’s and description, ending with shown results. I thank you for that.
    So many people just hit record and go, no editing…..Drives me crazy! :)?

  • rivenraven1 3 years ago

    Cool vid I think a Dremel rotary cutter would make cutting the holes clean
    and easy. Will try and hopefully remember to post if that works. How do you
    keep the water level constant and what kind of maintenance does the system
    require to keep the correct amount of nutrients??

  • Clayton Winnett 3 years ago

    An easy solution to fix the tubs from bulging out is to take a piece of
    rope and tie around the top of the tub tight right under the lip before
    filling with water. JMT?

  • James Gilbert 3 years ago

    Sorry, I fell asleep listing to the very slow and mono – tone speaker! ; (?

  • rocketfire4 3 years ago

    How often to you need to change the water? If at all… And does it matter
    what size pots for different plant??

  • mtothem1337 3 years ago

    I want one of those for weed production.?

  • djjulienl 3 years ago

    Though contested, many people espouse the notion that we must maintain a
    predominantly alkaline stomach/gut environment versus an acidic
    environment. It’s said an alkaline environment is inhospitable to
    viruses/bacteria/fungi/parasites. The same people then state that
    vegetables such as iceberg lettuce, though lacking in vitamin and mineral
    nutrition, are nonetheless beneficial as they alkalize your body. It is
    stated that if we eat a lot of alkalizing foods versus acidic foods (fried
    cheese, sugar soda etc., being ‘acidic’ foods) our immune systems would
    then be much relieved of unnecessarily strenuous digestive duties and more
    able to focus on promoting our immune system response. That is, a healthy
    gut is more alkaline than acidic promoting proper absorbtion of nutrients
    and not ladden down with processing acidic/sugary (starchy?) food – we
    would have the body focus and energy resources for healthy immunity as well
    as fending off viruses/bacteria/fungi/parasites. By the time we are 30 we
    harbor many parasites, generally.
    If Iceberg lettuce is beneficial, then are hydroponics a solution? The fish
    tank/hydroponic approach is neat, maybe if tiny robots cleaned the filter
    lines? I like the large warehouses, even underground bunkers solar powered
    (as we more effectively learn to transcribe sunlight to stored battery
    power). However, pumping ‘solution’ never seemed right to me as a way to
    make a real healthy diner salad plant.?

  • jksatte 3 years ago

    What is the size of the greenhouse? How much does this system cost? Is it
    scalable? I have so many questions. Will you provide me some sort of info
    pack. Thanks.?

  • Gerard Lionel 3 years ago


  • GRATATA 3 years ago

    Amazing technology. This will solve the food crisis and can be applied to
    future mars colonies. ?

  • Nataraj Kn 3 years ago


    I looking for a automatic control system of water nutrients. please let me
    know if you can help.

    Thanks & Regards
    Nataraj KN?

  • Willibrordus van der Weide 3 years ago

    what kind of fertilizers they use here ??

  • cool…but they also need to get rid of the guy who packs it…so no more
    laverne and shirleys ?

  • homoinstabilis76 3 years ago

    well I see lots of people going for the anti-semitic thing, conspiracy
    thing and stuff like that. Everything has started with FREAKING LETTUCE!!!
    Now I understand why we need a quite huge asteroid to wipe us off! We don’t
    deserve this planet! There is no love.There are just people craving for
    power regardless the wellbeing of the others! Do a big favour to the world
    and yourselves kids….fight you battles outside your home and without a
    laptop in front of you!!! Freaking PLEASE!!!!!?

  • Soukkhy Sone 3 years ago

    did you fertilizer in the water for vegetable ??

  • paincreator2000 3 years ago

    i wonder how much a lettuce would cost if grown at northpole or in the
    sahara, just as shown in this nice video.?

  • Sem Kimat 3 years ago

    The issue with hydroponics is you have to shop for “plant food” or
    nutrients and supplements that can be pricey.?

  • Gago Armani 3 years ago

    I’ll never buy gro ponics, not enough nutritions in this products?

  • theblight 3 years ago

    keep in mind that lettuce has nearly zero food calories.. so it has nearly
    zero utility in feeding people we think of as “hungry” People who are
    underfed need green, leafy food, yes, but they also need calorie rich food.
    grains, tubers, etc. IMHO, this is a luxury system, profitable in areas
    where people can afford high prices for convenient food. I believe it is
    always worth asking how many calories of energy went into creating the
    calories worth of food you are eating. Here, with a life cycle cost of
    energy for building and running the system, the answer is, many more
    calories in than you get out.?

  • Jeffery Kitchen 3 years ago

    Hydroponic lettuce greenhouse factory — fully Automated?

  • Lansing Allison 3 years ago

    I still do not understand this a great system so why dose not Some VIP
    Purchase two of the green houses and go to the location the World FOOD Org.
    are saying that there is starvation of THOUSANDS OF HOMELESS REFUGES FROM
    the wars in Africa

  • liukehyih 3 years ago

    Pls inform how much investment amount for a minimum commercial scale in
    Australia and America and how long for construction and learning curve
    time. My email address is:

  • RupertofOZ 3 years ago

    Very true…

  • Aizura77 3 years ago

    You don’t know very much avbout the subject it seems. Educate yourself
    before talking shit please

  • James Franco 3 years ago

    Oh, ignorant anti-Israel and likely anti-semitic (considering you’re
    involving the jewish diaspora) must even invade agricultural technology
    videos on youtube…

  • MrChocobanan 3 years ago

    You could grow worms in compost made from the waste of the plants. That way
    you can reduce commercial fish food.

  • paradigmentropy 3 years ago

    The billions of people who have enough food to eat as a direct consequence
    of chemical fertilizers probably don’t think it’s so lame.

  • Captain Tim 3 years ago

    sorry, there are no gods,,,,,,,,,, There IS only one God, YWHW, and His
    son, our Lord, Yeshua the Messiah.

  • yammatoot 3 years ago

    Hello Growponics, is the romaine Jericho variety?

  • let me ask, how much investment money for 1000 square meter, i’m in
    Vietnam, in my country no one use this system like this before. my email: