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The flood and drain hydroponic system technique means flooding the grow bed with nutrient solution for some time and then draining it back again into the down tank. This procedure is happening on regular basis depending on a flooded pump controlled by timer.

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Hydroponics Flood and Drain System

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  • Enrique Goitia

    Hey could you help me in choosing a water pump for my flood and drain?
    im trying to run a flood and drain but i dont know how much power (lph) a water pump needs to push up water at a height of 1.3-1.4m straight up into the top tray.
    my tray drains at a rate of 1500lph (more or less, it drains 20l in 45 seconds) with a bell siphon design. as far as i know the water going up should be weaker than the water going to allow it to drain efficiently?
    any idea? thanks for helping a fellow WATER GARDENER

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