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This is my first real full hydroponic dripper system I’ve done. I researched a ton in the off season and finally got the know how to have results. This was all build by me and the idea help of other fellow YouTubers. The system is working great especially for my first full sized outside setup. The nutrients I’m using is the 3 part system by General Hydroponics. Related PostsHydroponics Easy Self Sustaining – Beginners DIY Tomato Drip System part 5, Jalapeno harvestEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodSelf Sustaining, Economic Hydroponic Garden BuildBuild An Organic Self Sustaining Grow TowerDIY Hydroponics Top Drip Bucket SystemTop Feed Drip Hydroponics System

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  • Russell S. 1 year ago

    you get any bad bacteria in your system? whats the water temp at?

  • Russell S. 1 year ago

    Oh man your from Michigan aint cha! looks good brother I'm just starting out some Cherokee purple heirlooms in dutchies as I type this hopefully it works.

  • C Newby 1 year ago

    Good job. Just a word of advice to save work and time on your next build, just raise the end of your drain pipe to get it to flow, not the entire structure. And remember the plants closest to the drain tank will need longer drain pipes to compensate for the tilt.