hydroponics disadvantages
hydroponics ke gerfayde
hydroponics ke nuksan
hydroponics kyo nahi karna chahiye
hydroponics karne se pehle ye bato ka dhyan rakhe
hydropnics kyo chalu na kare
why not to start hydroponics
why hydroponics is not profitable
hydroponics kyo faydemand nahi he
hydroponics ki rukavate
obstacles in starting hydroponics

hello everyone
hydroponics disadvantages/ things must be cleared before starting farm with hydroponics
1) time and commitment
2) technical knowledge
3) limited crops
4) organic debates
5) monitering constantly
6) water and electricity risks
7) diseases spred quickly
8) system failure threats
9) magnified mistakes
10) initial expenses
11) long return per investment
12) research

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HYDROPONICS disadvantages – हायड्रोपोनिक्स के गेरफायदे/ नुकसान – FarmerPro

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