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  • Aniketan Soni 1 week ago

    Ye organics ke andar aata hai kya?

  • vijay mangrora 1 week ago

    मे आप से मीलना चाहता हु 9166662261

  • vijay mangrora 1 week ago

    मे आप से मीलना चाहता हु 9166662261

  • JAGDISH KUMAR 1 week ago

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  • gujarat f.m 1 week ago

    Ishme pani behte rehna jaruri he

  • rana sharma 1 week ago

    Sir nutritional solution ke bare men puri jankari den
    Kaun se unnat beej istemal Karen aur kahan se len puri jankari vistar se bataen

  • jyotiranjan Behera 1 week ago

    2000sft price sar

  • Ibrahim Abbas 1 week ago

    I would like to thank you for this valuable video. Soon I will create a water farm often to grow tomatoes and the option is currently collecting the information that helps me in that and I read a lot and watched many videos but I do not get any information about periods of irrigation and fertilization, Periods of irrigation and fertilization, whether tomatoes or cucumbers and the duration of each period, and I know the difference of these periods , Thank you so much.

  • manoj bhardwaj 1 week ago

    I want to start vegetable crops business. But I have not knowledge & experience. Kindly give advice & share your opinion. I am from Jhajjar – Haryana.

  • JAGDISH KUMAR 1 week ago

    7742735136 भाई तुरंत नम्बर दो

  • JAGDISH KUMAR 1 week ago

    मेरा नम्बर 7742735136

  • JAGDISH KUMAR 1 week ago

    तुरंत दो भाइयों

  • JAGDISH KUMAR 1 week ago

    नम्बर दो

  • Vinetn Sahu 1 week ago

    Sar Mai ak kisan ka beta hau whasspp nanmdar plij sar

  • Jagannath Alhat 1 week ago

    ये पनीमे मच्छ र होने की संभावना रहेती है।ये point के ऊपर चर्चा करना जरूरी है

  • jaswinder kumar 1 week ago

    great job

  • Raman Joshi 1 week ago

    I am senior citizen of India living abroad, want to migrate to any state of India, to cultivate soil less Poly house farming so as to stand on better decision making on following points;
    1.The percentage of subsidy of different states in relation to this type of farming ;
    2. Availability of Agriculture land and its relative cost in relation to the concern area of such states;
    3.The cost of poly house relatively in such area of states . Whether supplier in sufficient no or its their monopoly.
    4.Availability of coaching classes of know-how this farming.
    5. Availability of market, existing of co-operatives in marketing of such product. My mail id

  • rahujian1234 mandu 1 week ago

    potato aur anaar mat ugana nahi to sarkar 3 rupee kilo leke hamara nuksan kar degi.

  • neetin parekh 1 week ago

    very nice information for soil less farming,we would like to take training for soil less gardening ,polifonic farming. plz. advies us.

  • prakash patel 1 week ago