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  • Steve Lau

    Im going to guess that you use solar panels for the operation right? If not, i dont see why you wouldnt just sow them outside if u wanted home grown watermelons.

  • NightWaves

    I'm growing crimson sweet outside hydroponically. Once the vines are around 20 feet and 1 melon it's at least 5 gallons a day. With 3 melons going it's over 5 gallons a day having to top off every day. Nutrients aren't being sucked up much at night but daytime its a lot of water. With warmer weather you can  dilute your nutrients more or top off with water at least half the time. Watch out for ph going high or low.

  • sai Krishna

    bio fertilizers to increase the bio diversity.we should not use chemical fertilizers because it kills the bio diversity level in the soil.
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  • christopher krause

    I'm not an expert or a genius but when the male plants open you can sniff the flowers and save the pollen in a bag and when your females open pollinate them is this supposed to be a teacher

  • Organic Aeroponic Gardening Hacks

    Great experiment, pump failures sure suck! I was curious how well melons would grow indoors and you've convinced me not to try it.

    With that said I love the success that you had with the cucumbers and I'm looking forward to doing the same thing in a high pressure aeroponic system. Thanks for your dedication, if you were local I'd be there every day ūüôā Your channel is wonderful and thanks for putting out the content, please give your students all the best and I hope that your dedication is getting them excited about indoor growing.

  • braf zachland

    yum $100 per lb watermelons.
     it is no feet growing those indoors at the cost you put out growing them in electricity and water. you have however perfectly demonstrated the most wasteful way to grow those so gratz on that

  • alexander rauboro abuan

    Im sorry if i may ask what led light was used on this plant? I am planing to do indoor planting but i am not sure on what light best works for me to start pls?

  • John Gee

    At least  I know  watermelons  can grow  indoors.   And as for  Led's  (Cost 2 much) Me I'm  Go  Use   2  CFL's because   if I can grow a pepper  indoors  then  I  know this  will work  too.  Only  Difference  i'm  not doing  Hydro , I will be using soil

  • David Smi

    The very reasons why LEDs for growing are in existence this early on is because a few people that live in arid regions needed to find a way to grow food where there was none. They have been using LEDs to grow all sorts of food for over 30 years now. The reason why LEDs are getting more efficient and cheap is because of the war on drugs forcing all the weed freaks to grow indoors. Between the 2 we should have highly effecting indoor growing systems with in the next 5 years and highly efficient growing systems using alternative energy 10 years after that. Oh and AQUAPONICS is the new driving force behind all of this if anyone is wondering where we are today. Its more earth friendly and cost effective.