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My adaptation of a hydroponic vertical tower garden, as well as deep water cultures. I found tutorials all over youtube for the bucket and tote systems but couldnt find one on the towers. So, I put in key words of “hydroponic tower restruarant New York” and studied the numorous videos of this entraprenuer’s systems and then developed my own. I will make a few more videos throughout this growing season. I have great plans. I started these as a homeschool science project…we have had an epic fail from traditional gardening, as much as you can traditionally garden in military housing. But I am anticipating that these systems are going to feed my family of 7…Yes, I have 5 kids. This winter we will bring them, at least the tower, into the house and put lights on them to continue harvesting throughout the winter months. On the bare side of the tower, I will be planting Tiny Tim tomatoes and I will also be sprouting lettuce to replace each head as we use them. CORRECTION: I misstated the info on the pump. The tower has a ECO 396 gallon per hour pump. Also, the black tubing is black irrigation tubing, as well as the tubing running up inside the tower. An example of hydroponic vegetable gardening to grow your own healthy and delicious foods year around. The implications are that children can get involved in this fun project of growing their own healthy food, and it provides a viable and easy way to assure self-sustainability Related PostsOutdoor IBC aeroponic, Aquaponic, vertical tower, floating deep water culture garden all organic DIYHow to Build an Easy Hydroponic Deep Water Culture DWC Bucket System1lb Hydroponic Tomato- Deep Water CultureHow I Built My DWC System – Recirculating Deep Water Culture – Hydroponic Peppers & Tomatoes […]

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  • John Wichmann 5 years ago

    You are awesome!?

  • jill of alltrades master of none 5 years ago

    Hi nikki as you progress with your towers go to the local burger king and get your buckets for free ( they get their pickle in them) . just ask them to save them .free is great!

  • Steve Czok 5 years ago

    Not food safe.?

  • Mike Masztal 5 years ago


  • Mike Masztal 5 years ago


  • Teresa J. Bryant 5 years ago

    The issue with hydroponics is you need to purchase "plant food" or nutrients and supplements that are costly.?

  • Laco Munit 5 years ago

    The drawback to hydroponics is you will need to shop for "plant food" or nutrients and supplements which are pricey.?

  • eym pretty 5 years ago

    Thank you for sharing! I'm Lincoln military housing as well and my yard is extremely small so I was considering a vertical garden. This kind of looks a little confusing still. Maybe more video research will help. ?

  • arbornomics 5 years ago

    Thank you for showing us your DIY hydroponics.?

  • Aris Roman 5 years ago


  • Cleo J. Grant 5 years ago

    Thanks for your movie.
    Also I have some ideas to grows up to 10 x the plants, by 50 % the time, with healthier plants, while the "fish" carry out all the work…

  • djburgener 5 years ago

    What mineral blend do you use for your tower?

  • Anthony Reid 5 years ago

    This is a really neat system. Thanks for posting!

  • Juanita T. Wilson 5 years ago

    Thanks a lot for your movie.
    Also I have some guidelines to grows up to 10 x the plants, in half the time, with healthier plants, while the "fish" carry out everything…

  • Mario Marquez 5 years ago


  • Brian White 5 years ago

    You did great. Would you consider joining the ourwindowfarms community? It is full of people doing interesting work with hydroponics and I am sure they would welcome you. We do similar stuff but we use air lift pumps instead. (Aquarium "air bubblers" pump the water) and this uses much less power but is enough to keep the plants wet and growing. I do "pallet gardens", one 4.5 watt bubble pump waters 8 pallet gardens (around 130 sq ft) continuously! Brian

  • sw1ft3 5 years ago

    Awesome love the vertical tower.

  • kyle Killian 5 years ago

    Great video! I like spaceplanters alot better tho. They are the best verticle container garden Ive ever used. I ditched my lawn garden for 4 of SpacePlanters hanging ones and I use 4 of there large SpacePlanters for my heirloom tomatoes, bell peppers and ghost peppers, strawberries, chatnney carrots, torpedo onions, lettuce, yellow zucchinis, cucumbers,watermelons … i basically grow a ton from mine. they flippin rock!

  • wibeamen f 5 years ago

    Im cool with aquaponics. Much cleaner source of nutrients. Not sure how to protect the fish during the coldest part of the winter.

  • wibeamen f 5 years ago

    Hey teamjonesy I have some suggestions for some of the issues on the vertical garden

  • MegaLuckydog1 5 years ago

    A little more specific information would useful.?

  • John Hayes 5 years ago
  • Rommel K. 5 years ago

    Hello. Excuse me, How do your plants propagat? You don't have any bees or other insects. I am thinking this about growing indoor tomatoes.?

  • Patricia E. Hartford 5 years ago

    I have just built my very own aquaponics system. It was actually simple, easy and it looks and functions like the ones which cost thousands more, using this informative guide?

  • shannonmelanie 5 years ago

    Lovely. I would love to see how your garden is doing recently.

  • traitorsbeware 5 years ago
  • JoyfulOrangeVideos 5 years ago

    The lighting is florescent, it was explained to me that each fixture takes about as much energy as leaving on your laptop. They are on 18 hours and off 6. Good luck!

  • thewhitewolf 5 years ago

    what kind of light do you use and does it cause an increase in your electric bill? i will have a spare room in my apartment when i move to florida thinking of doing something like this (won't need the heater)