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  • nery colon 1

    It looks like you had some hard times. I live in Puerto Rico and I know what you mean about the heat. It's awful. I grow a variety of plants and it does get hard especially if your doing it in a wheelchair but I love what I'm doing, but my friend things do get better. Your melons looks beautiful. Eggplants taste great if you do them as juice. I can't stand cooked eggplant but cut them up add orange juice and put them in the blender and it tastes great. Great video?

  • Brianna Long

    Everyone who has ever owned fish has had a fish die off. I have to purchase new fish myself after feeder fish infected one of my aquaponic tanks, Manage to save a few of the feeder fish, lol.?

  • Casper Matthee

    Hi, Greetings from Cape Town
    Planning to get a system up in September…
    Just wanted to say thanks for all the info…
    Keep up the good work..?

  • onebigkahuna69

    Don't give up..I know you are gonna find out what works and what doesn't the learning curve must be killing you.?

  • Ben Casey

    Awesome videos! You're a madman, in a good way! Watched all your videos in one hit, has been an interesting journey so far. Jealous of the size you get to play with! ?

  • Mr Richards

    The majority of this video had nothing to do with "Hydroponic Vertical Melons"

    Still, nice melons! Hope it all works out for you.?

  • Alan Lloyd

    Hope all getting better of the other side of the gulf. Having a helper makes life so much easier. Good for you. Keep the vids coming. We follow with a lot of interest and I'm learning a lot about the do's and ore about the don't from you.

  • Michael DeLaMarre

    Is there anywhere nearby where you could set up a farmer's market type stand and sell directly to individuals? That may help you unload product more consistently. Just a thought.?

  • Adam Outlaw

    Maybe you might try growing various hot peppers… can always dry the "less than fresh" unsold ones for latter.?

  • Davuk 00

    When you were looking at different species to use did the idea of pla chon (Channa striata) come up? I'm considering them based on the fact that its an airbreathers and would presumably need less DO and thus less circulation.?

  • Laura Janine

    How is everything in Thailand I enjoy your video great job! I am new to all this and In South florida I am suffering from root rot something is eating my peppers completly and I cant see what it is. Not sure what the bleeep is eating the plants and what to do to cure it Thanks Janine?

  • eschelar

    Pretty awesome. Nice way to strike back after the problems you had before. A lesser man would have folded and run. I am over in Taiwan, getting interested in the possibilities of aquaponics. Would love to go and visit your farm one day.?

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