This is an idea for a hydroponic vertical garden. Hydroponic gardens, in general, eliminate the need for soil but may require more added nutrients to help the plants grow while a vertical garden is practical for gardening in small areas without losing space to grow plants.

This design involves many different components. A wooden base, holding the vertical garden, with a mesh screen on the top to recycle water and a barrel to collect rainwater will act as the main skeleton. Two pumps will circulate water from the collection barrel, which also acts as the water source, to the two separate tracks of PVC pipes, increasing the area for growth. Charts can be found online to determine which plants should go on the top, middle, and bottom levels.

Anticipated Building Materials.
-A barrel for water collection and storage
-A pump to circulate water to the top
-Wood to build a frame
-Plastic to line the frame and prevent from damage to the wood
-PVC pipes and joints to house the plants
-Mesh screen to allow water in and keep debris out
-A flexible pipe or hose to transport water between the various stages

Link to downloadable image of the garden:

Hydroponic Vertical Garden Concept

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