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In this video we covered complete information about hydroponic farming system,how to grow vegetables in hydroponics so you watch complete video and get full information about hydroponics, how to control temperature, water cooling and balance nutrition. अगर आप India farming management channel को कोई सलाह या सुझाव देना चाहते है तो हमें मेल करें— Related Postsamazing vegetable on hydroponic farming system 4amazing vegetable on hydroponic farming system 3Farming without soil with the Ultimate Hydroponic System! – Hydroponic Vertical GardenHydroponic Farming System in Odia(Soil-less farming).মাটি ছাড়াই চাষ হচ্ছে সবজি | Hydroponic Farming in bangladesh | হাইড্রোপনিক পদ্ধতি |Hydroponic systemबिना मिट्टी के खेती । vertical hydroponic system । kisan farming

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  • Mahatam kumar 4 months ago

    U can try to use solar powered motors/cooling pads in summer to reduce electricity cost and that will be envirment friendly as well.

  • Satish Kumar Bansilal 4 months ago

    Sir ji iski training aap ne kanha se li hai ? Please us institue ka naam bataiye.

  • bhadve ky hua jxxj 4 months ago

    Why don't just grow saffron rather than veggies

  • Jayakumar G 4 months ago

    Most of hydrophonic plants are leafy vegetables, tomatoes. What about grapes, papaya, mangoes, other tubular vegetables like snake gourd, ridge gourd etc.

  • Pakistani Talent 4 months ago

    Bohet achha system he

  • showumik sh 4 months ago

    sir…. which Type of greenhouse is needed to grow hydroponic strawberry

  • Anush Singh 4 months ago

    400 to 500 Ru par kg greens lettus .kabhi nhi bhai .galat jankari .

  • Hortico's World 4 months ago

    Agriculture is the backbone of our economy

  • Robin Abraham 4 months ago

    is method main paani ki jagah kya hum gobar gas slurry ka paani istemal kar sakte hain???

  • Trying Minimalist Life 4 months ago

    If your video is not in English at least have the decency to mention it in the title of the video. Tired of such crap on youtube

  • Alokesh Bagchi 4 months ago


  • Urban D 4 months ago

    150 rs per kg cost
    500 rs kg sale in winter
    biggest joke / lie of century.

  • pranav nangia 4 months ago

    Hydroponics will definitely benefit agriculture in india and it's good that people are spreading knowledge about this. There's also NGO working towards sustainability :

  • Autowings Orissa 4 months ago

    its glad to have such type of technology which you have invented sir..i am from odisha and wanted to do this type of farming so if you can guide me ,i will very grateful to is my contact and m-9337666606
    thank you

  • Smiles Everyday 4 months ago

    Please add English subtitle. Thanks in advance.

  • Prakash Reddy 4 months ago

    Hello sir what is investment price for this size of plant

  • Neha Sasmal 4 months ago


  • Saurabh Suman 4 months ago

    Yeah to aapne bataya hi nahi ko Rohit saini ji se contact kaise kiya jaa sakta hai.

  • Farmer Near me 4 months ago

    Share his contact details

  • Farmer Near me 4 months ago

    Thanks for sharing the video