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Growing Hydroponics Indoors

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Here is a guide to grow wonderful and sweetest cherry tomatoes using hydroponics. This video describes the stages in growing cherry tomatoes and what to do at every stage.
The video has the following
1. Seed starting for cherry tomatoes
2. Transplanting cherry tomatoes
3. Training and Trellising Tomatoes
4. Pruning tomatoes
5. Fertigation

Details about the video
Variety mentioned: Cheramy – Indeterminate cherry tomato

Grow Formulation during growth phase
Bloom Formulation during fruiting phase

Suggested Videos:
Indeterminate vs Determinate tomatoes – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbKZmjk8_H0
Training tomato plants – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7MqAbU_71s
Trellising Tomato plants – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghEheiSi76M
Seed Starting – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOUrc-D3ThQ
Video Rating: / 5

Hydroponic Tomatoes – Start Growing Indoors

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  • Patrick Healy

    Mike this year I'm using a hydroponic setup much like yours for my tomatoes until I can move them outside to my 5gal hydroponic system I'm setting up. I need to know for my inside system how close to the baskets do I bring the water?

  • Christina Cyrus

    Your shelves look 18 x 36. Are they? Do you have 2 light fixtures over the shelves? Are there 1 or 2 bulbs in each fixture? Been following you for a while. Want to set up a gro shelf.

  • Live_ Breathe_Fish

    Where can I get those white reservoirs you are using? I cant find them anywhere! Please help! Keep Growing!

  • Dave Borchard

    Your tomato plants look a little "leggy". The T-5 lights are probably too far from the tomato plants and the plants are reaching for the light, making the stems "leggy". When the tomato plants get larger, the T-5 lights probably won't be enough light. I use two 150 watt equivalent CFL lights per grow tray. My grow trays are black in color on the trays and tops. When you use grow trays that are translucent, light will get through to the roots and you will have algae problems.

    I found that the CFL lights are not enough light for growing tomatoes, when they get larger and bear fruit. I have a Sunsystems LEC 315 for growing tomatoes or peppers. That's a 315 watt ceramic metal halide light. It is drastically brighter than using CFL lighting, or in your case T-5 lighting.

    I bought my grow light from "Hydrobuilder". You can check out your grow light options there if you want to step up to brighter professional grow lights. They range between about $95 for the small 150 watt lights to about $400 for the 1000 watts lights. Those lights are either MH or HPS, metal halide, or high pressure sodium. Some systems have built in ballasts and others have external ballasts. You also need a special timer that is designed for the professional grow lights. The lights are generally the "blue" or "red" spectrum. The "blue" spectrum is for green plants and the "red" spectrum is for flowering and fruiting plants. When you step up to the professional grow lights, you have to be prepared for the increase in electricity costs, running those higher wattage lights for 16 hours a day. 

    You might consider moving some of the fruiting plants outside in the sunlight, after the frost danger, to avoid those higher lighting costs. You can do hydroponics outside. You have to gradually get the plants used to the wind outside, or the plants might weaken or die. The rain will tend to dilute your nutrient over time, and you have to weather protect your air pump from the occasional rain. 

    The T-5 lights are good for the greens and smaller fruiting plants when they are young. But you need to have the T-5 lights much closer to the plant canopy than you have now, otherwise, you will have "leggy" plants, which you have now. Your T-5 lights should be about 6 above the canopy of the plants. Of course, you have to keep monitoring and changing the distance as the plants grow. My plants don't "burn" until they are less than about 3 inches from the grow lights. The plants are sensitive to a limited range of the spectrum, which is different than your eyes. Lights that are bright to your eyes may not be intense enough for your plants.

    I grow peppers and tomatoes. At the beginning, the plants need the support of a small stick. Later I install a round metal tomato cage into the five gallon black grow buckets by drilling 4 holes for the tomato cage in the top of the buckets. If you try growing with those translucent colored grow containers outside, or with brighter lighting, your algae growth will be horrible! I've tested that with white translucent or orange Home Depot translucent buckets. The algae growth is worse with the white buckets, better, but still significant with the orange buckets, and no algae growth with the black buckets with black tops. 

    When I transplant the peppers and tomatoes from the 3 inch net pots to the 6 inch five gallon bucket tops, I usually carefully cut way the 3 inch net pots without damaging the roots. Alternatively, you could mount the 3 inch net pots inside of the 6 inch five gallon bucket tops. I drill a hole in the side of the five gallon bucket near the top of the bucket for the 1/4" air line and put an air stone in the bottom of the five gallon bucket. I replace the nutrient about once a month with fresh nutrient, and dump the old nutrient on the shrubs outside the house.

  • Petz

    Nice video.
    I'm setting up a hydroponic system myself for the first time. I'm struggling to decide what lighting to use. I will also grow only vegs like you. Will regular T8 leds work for me? How many watts?

  • Ecoblue Farms

    Thank you very much I’ve just started trying get these seeds in America for my new little farm any suggestions?

  • Shantanu Jaid

    Very helpful video sir. It introduced to me to concepts I didn't knew existed. Thank you.
    Can you please also make a video on where one can sell hydroponic cherry tomatoes or bell peppers so that hydroponic growers get a good rate per kg.?

  • ravis00

    Hi Mani, video is very nice and informative, I have a question on bloom nutrients, when we use Bloom A and B do we need to add Grow also in some qunatities are only Bloom A and B? if only Bloom then de we have to discard old solution and make new one with Bloom alone? what should be the EC at Bloom stage?

  • Always a student

    Hi, another excellent content. I am considering roof top hydroponics garden, problem is there is a truss fabrication in place, means no direct sunlight. Is this a fools errand? We do have long and hot sunny days. Thanks

  • Kamal Taunk

    Very useful, Thank you very much.
    Want to know if so many leaves are required or we can start removing leaves from bottom? Also, can we still keep EC of 2 – 2.5 if the temperature is on higher side?

  • Srikanth Koka

    Yet another outstanding video. Initially when I saw the length of the video I thought wow 18 minutes! this must be interesting. After I saw the video I thought it was very short. The 18 minutes just flew by.

    It is nice to see links to the nutrients in the description. One question that needs answering is how much nutrients are absorbed per day until flowering starts and then afterwards. The impact of temperature on EC. May be you could include this in your next video.

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