Sun Sugar is a really great tomato variety to grow. They are super productive, grow very large and are crack resistance. I grew them both in soil and hydroponic. It is time to taste them and see if there is a difference in flavor.

Propagate Tomato From Suckers:

Mini Kratky Hydroponic Tomato:
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Part 2

Mini Kratky Hydroponic Culanto Herb:

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Hydroponic Tomato Vs Soil Taste Test

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  • Dedskin Prodcer/DJ

    that tomato , compared to the big red one is just rubbish , i noticed ppl buying those in supermarkets , but the ones from farmer market are better , at least for me . the ones sauce is made from , red one . But actually its not ripe when its red , its best when bit beyond red , goes to kind of pinkish color , that is when its killer taste . Real rich and sweet , earthy , bit of sourness . Goes well with chiken paste and bread , love that shit since child . Try it

  • Side85Winder

    You should clean your pallet between tasting each one but any way a interesting result.
    I guess a hydroponic grown fruit for stores is picked very early and partly green and they ripen off the plant while in transit to stores. So you cant compare a store brought fruit that looks ripe to a home grown one that's been ripened on the plant which is the major difference between the flavor and the sweetness.

  • Deepak Dragonballztwo

    do not misguide people bro organic one not fully ripen at all and do not promote stupid things

  • System 2 Thinker

    I would be curious if you would end up with the same results had you tried the soil tomato first. I'm wondering if the initial tomato to palate changed the outcome for the following three. Just a thought.

  • danny b

    Also remember that whenever you take a "sucker" or a clone, that even though it's a new plant growing, it still has the same age as the original plant. And if you clone that one it also retains the same age.

  • Betty Spencer

    Hi, Mr. Start, I wonder if you can help me with this problem. This is my fourth year trying to grow hydroponic tomatoes with no success. My plants always grow beautifully, reach 12 inches tall, grow flower buds and then the buds fall off and die! That's what happening right now and I don't know what to do! I'm currently using Master Blend and I want to add in some Flora blume. What do you think? I feel I don't have anything to loose. Please help if you can. Thanks.

  • Gapeys Grub

    interesting comparison. Thanks for sharing. I didn't think the hydro one would be sweeter. I wonder what the brix difference is between the two.

  • Rat zo

    Sun sugar is my favorite cherry tomato. Always grow them. I have 4 3ft plants right now that are exploding with fruit. Very heavy yield 0_0

  • adudecalledjay

    Awesome comparison thanks! I especially like that you made the second plant from the suckers… eliminates potential genetic differences.

  • Keep on Growin' with Mike VanDuzee

    Thanks for sharing! Sometimes my hydro tomatoes are less sweet, gonna have to try that Sun Sugar!

  • Just The Facts

    Check the Element Table, there is no Element Table for Organic Element because they are identical to the main Element Table. Done the taste test on all friends and relatives, 95 % pick the hydroponic Tomatoes and Veg compared to Soil based Veg, they didn’t know which was was grown in Hydroponics, so it’s a mater of individual taste.

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