Well…I am shutting down the room for the summer!
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Hydroponic Tomato – San Marzano – Part 4 Day 120 – Shutting it Down

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  • Living the Spu Life

    Excellent grow! I’m shutting mine down soon also. Bring on natural light.

    What lighting are you using in your grow room??

  • Lola Mills

    I just started my first hydroponic veggies. Growing a San Marzano and some
    other tomatoes, several different kinds of basil, chard, chinese broccoli
    and some sweet peppers and mints, chinese garlic chives. It is the easiest
    way to grow stuff I’ve ever seen. I don’t measure the ppf’s or whatever or

    I bought MaxiGro on Amazon and I just use bottled water and follow the
    package directions and everything is doing fine. For lights, I’m just using
    100 watt CFL’s with about 6000 kelvin and everything is growing so fast I
    have to adjust the light height about every day now. I just added some more
    water and nutes after about a month too. You do have to keep these lights
    close to the plants, but they work just fine. There’s a guy on here
    (Praxxus) who has been growing all kinds of stuff inside for years and he
    started out with these and said they worked, and they do. Just harvested my
    basil and my peppers are already full of little peppers.

    Anyway, you said you wanted to go cheaper and this was the cheapest way I
    could find, and the MaxiGro had great reviews on Amazon so I tried it out.
    I’m also just using aquarium gravel for growing medium, topped off with a
    little perlite. I’m growing the stuff in plastic or styrofoam cups and so
    far they are holding up well, but I am concerned about the tomatoes as they
    get bigger (even though I used the biggest, sturdiest cups I could find for
    them) which is why I checked out your vid. So far they seem to be holding
    up well with just a little string on some two foot plants.

    If you’re interested in maybe trying this kind of growing, I can update you
    later on how it turns out. Enjoyed the four vids. ;-)?

  • BigbunnySSS

    Being you San Marzano’s are in full on production, your sucker will be in
    that mode when you plant them outdoors. Your tomatoes will produce faster
    that a start from seed. I learned this from the old timers down here. The
    San Marzano’s are a slow producer to say the least but make good sauce
    tomato. The same for the Beefsteak variety. In your climate this world be
    preferred. I think the reason that the green house growers do not sucker
    there plants are that they do so many, and use machine to plant out the
    flat. Fast! I think that you as a home grower should get into grafting
    your tomatoes. This is the big thing in greenhouses. I am just learning and
    it is easy and fun. So what if half of the flat does not take. If you are
    doing only a few flats, the new Maxifort rootstock is very good. Your
    plants will out produce by a third. I got my Maxifort seed from Jonny’s
    seeds in Maine. Watch the You-tube v-log on the subject. The seeds are a
    little expensive but I kind of like doing these things. It will help with
    the diseases to boot. BEST OF LUCK FROM SOUTH FLORIDA… ?

  • ledsled01

    If your Hydro stuff grows so well under lights indoors, imagine what they
    could do outside. You had such a great start on those San Marzanos.. Would
    have been cool to see if they would have done even better if you had tossed
    them outside to finish. Maybe they would have died, who knows? But you are
    our hydroponic test dummy, right? All kiddin aside, I still love the
    channel and what you are doing. I can’t wait to see what’s next. Cheers?

  • Indoor Hydroponix

    Time to shut the room down for the summer. Sad Face! But here’s a look at
    the san marzano and a trip around the grow room!?

  • Indoor Hydroponix

    Time to shut the room down for the summer. Sad Face! But here’s a look at
    the san marzano and a trip around the grow room!?

  • Keyplayr61 Greenhouse Hydroponics And Gardens

    There comes a time when it has to come to an end, for sure. As soon as my
    outside tomatoes start producing, it’s curtains for the greenhouse, till
    fall! They have been in there since October of last year. I can’t wait to
    measure the length. I will shoot a vid on that for sure! Congrats on a
    successful indoor season, John! ?

  • Project America - Growing Organic Food - Buying American Goods

    I have a dozen Lemon Cucumber plants going now for our outdoor grow. Those
    plants grow like crazy!?

  • WVA Moviemaker

    I’ll keep checking in with you, I totally understand the need to go outside
    But, I’ll look forward to seeing any indoor hydroponics especially for the
    lettuce and greens come fall & winter. If you had ONLY grown (inside) the
    lettuce/greens, would it then have been worth it money wise??

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