This is just a short PART 1 of 2 video to show you all our New Hydroponic Tomato and Pepper house, and how we are setting up this New system we are trying. Sorry if it seems rushed through, but we just have so much to do today! We will be doing an update as soon as we plant, so we will explain everything to you at that time. ie. hydroponic system, nutrients, stringing etc….
Now that my laptop and camera are cooperating, we will be doing a video on our other greenhouses tomorrow and throughout the following weeks.
My fingers are crossed (our internet is absolutely horrible) I really nead to find a better internet provider) It’s beyond frustrating, when I could be putting videos out each week! It takes a minimum of 4 – 6 hours for a 4 minute video! ( DO YOU SEE MY FRUSTRATION?)
Here are the links to the greenhouse supplier (tried and true) and cubes and slab medium we are using.


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  • Papathy Sengodan

    This is amazing. I live in Malaysia. I wonder if we could grow tomatoes in hot climates as high 35 deg C. Do I plant tomatoes under partial sun if we have hot weathers here. Another question is in your closed greenhouse, do you help the plants to pollinate. or they self pollinate?

  • Imran Shaikh

    I am watching your channel quite sometime for now. Really like your videos. I am located in India and really wanted to start a hydroponic setup. Want to know if there is any website to get any documented details of each and every bit, like which substrate to choose, how much should be the nutrients to be added to water and so on. Will appreciate your quick reply. Thanks in advance

  • Ken Wasylyshen

    Hi, great work you guys and great videos. You put so much time into these videos and we all learn so much from your efforts. Thank you!.
    I would understand if you don't have time to answer these Questions but I will ask just the same.
    I have a question about setting up the greenhouse and the beds with regards to sun orientation. What do you guys think is the best direction for maximum exposure to sun and do you focus on morning sun or length of time in the sun? I question how our beds should be set up if we don't have a choice in the direction of our greenhouse. We are from central BC Canada so similar climate as you. So Beds East to West or North to south? My concern is the plants being in another plants shadow?
    Thanks again for all your work on these vids!

  • Joseph M Robi

    As always, kudos. Wish I was doing this while you were
    Exactly what I want to do, exactly that. Tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers hydroponically… I just long to be home and the funds as well… This I'll do

  • A Swede in the Philippines

    Thats a very intresing way to grow, but how is it hydroponic? For me its a dripping system or something. But i might have missed something. I cant see how the water is circulating. But any way very intresting and i look forward to see how it turns out.

  • Nadine Feldmus

    Hi guys, I need your help! What oasis cubes do you use? I ordered the oasis horticube xl and they are gumming up my system! Where do you get yours?

  • Bobby Zachariah

    Thank you for sharing, I do hope to visit you if you are game once the COVID situation is under control. All the best, will be keenly watching updates on the Tomato & Pepper hydroponic GH.

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