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  • flyhye 5 years ago

    thank you! your videos help a lot.

  • Hydronutes 5 years ago

    I am unable to provide a logical argument or any factual data against your

  • Hydronutes 5 years ago

    haha 🙂 I could not give it away to smokers and when I tried it turned
    green and got what felt like nicotine poisoning.

  • dnl5649 5 years ago

    grow some weed, a HERB that is not addictive or cancer causing. yea it
    doesn’t kill you like tobacco and it makes you feel better too

  • Hydronutes 5 years ago

    A regular smoker would appreciate it but they seem to want the package and
    not to roll their own or to bother with growing it. The dried leaves were
    crumbled and soaked in water, filtered and used as tobacco spray. It works
    well against bugs. Jasmine and Burley Tobacco were tested. Jasmine has
    strong smelling white flowers.

  • flyhye 5 years ago

    those are nice and healthy looking plants

  • B3T0516 5 years ago

    thats cool. did you smoke it or can it be used for something else?

  • Hydronutes 5 years ago

    Yes. I wonder if the resin, leaf or additives are what makes Tobacco so
    bad? Why not have Tobacco Bubble Hash? My guess is the cigarette is more of
    a social shield so it needs to last and give your hands something to do.