Hydroponic Tips They Never Tell You About

As I promised I would share two items I use later in the year to make my tomatoes taste better and a trick to help keep blossom end rot down.
Many expert hydroponic growers will always keep their little secrets from the public. Let me share what I do that makes my hydroponic greenhouses keep growing like they are right now!
I hope this will help others understand a little more on how we grow hydroponically over here.
I want to thank each and everyone of you for the awesome support. Your questions and comments are the best!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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Hydroponic Tips They Never Tell You About

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  • Keep on Growin' with Mike VanDuzee

    Yes, Top Secret! So cool CB. I have had a lot of people ask about dropping the nitrogen when the plants start to bloom. Great job! I used to use molasses in my compost tea, probably have an old jar sitting around, gonna put some in. Have a great day!

  • D B

    CB, when I put 3 table spoons of molasses in 18 gallons of water, after a few days there was a nastly looking foam on the water. Do you experience that or do I have other problems. This is the first year I am doing hydroponics so I have a lot to learn. I appreciate all that you do to help others.

  • Simply Life

    Super helpful information. I appreciate your making this video. At the end you say until next time we’ll see you later. Actually you won’t see us unless we’re there.

  • Crazy Kansan

    I use molasses in my regular garden. My grandma used it for tomatoes, beans and peas. I didn’t know then but it helps the microbial growth in the soil too. Interested in hydroponics but it seems somewhat complicated. New subscriber. You got a shoutout from Okie.

  • Code Designs, Inc.

    Thank you for another great video. I have watched many of your videos and decided to subscribe today. There are very few sources that I know that are reliable – hence why it takes me a while to subscribe. Everything that I see you doing is almost to-a-tee the same routine, which gives me that extra confidence. Of course the main difference is that we indoor garden with LED lighting due to space at this time of writing. Keep them videos coming as they are helping to feed the next generation on at least a fraction of the budget of going to a grocery store.
    Quick Edit: I will share your information on our website in a written article that will help our local gardeners.

  • Steve M

    Nice Video but your measurements mean nothing if you dont tell us how much volume of water your adding these nutrients to. Is that 10gallons, 20gallons or 30 gallons

  • What's Next?

    Great info CB, now if you can figure out how to make Brussel sprouts taste like fruit loops!! LOL Thanks for Sharing your secrets! ATB Amy

  • UT33200

    Lots of really good info on how to mix these setups up. Epsom salt is one of our better adds for the veggies, but never heard of the molasses add and will have to give it a try sometime. Tomatoes are kicking butt as usual. Thanks for the share!

  • CharestStudios

    Great video! You do an awesome job with your hydroponics. Thanks for sharing your expertise with us. Do you think this mix would be o.k. in a kratky set up? Just wondering if the molasses would cause a problem in the sitting solution with no circulation.

  • casey armstrong

    Hey CB, when you switch to the cal mag and Epson salt, do you keep with that the rest of the plants life/season or do you need to go back to the nutrient set up? Once again always learning from you. Take care

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