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In this video we present you Hydroponic Systems, our business activity and work filosofy Video Rating: / 5 OFFER: We offer only NFT hydroponic systems, automatized, complete, and ready-to-use. The NFT system is one of the most used and common systems among small hydroponic grower or novices. Related PostsVertical Farming | new technology | presentation | business plan | INDIAVertical Hydroponic Growing SystemsHow Do Hydroponic Gardening Systems Work?Seth Avalos Senior PresentationHydroponic Systems – Learn & Create Your Hydroponics SystemSlucket Hydroponic Systems

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  • Stephen Marsh 5 months ago

    I like these, but you need to place something under the rockwool to raise it out of the nutrient low, like golf tees, otherwise the rockwool gets soggy and prone to root rot and the ones at the end don't get nutes and end up significantly smaller.  Also the root mat needs to hang down low to stop the annoying dripping sounds of the water going back down.

  • KennyNSR1 5 months ago

    @weedmonster77 i just kept topping mine up bud just dont let the water level fall below the top of the pump as it may damage it. i only changed the water when i was changing the plants on to flowering and changing the nutrient. u can get a full kit and light for cheaper than growell

  • weedmonster77 5 months ago

    cool love the vid….do you have to change the water in the nft system or do ya just keep topping it up…will the roots grow into the tank. also are they ok for small spaces or would i have to drag it out all the time to change water.