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I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ( This year we are trying out hydroponics. Hydroponics Growing System With Fish Paced modern era, as now, farming has become much easier. Not only with the media soil, you can grow crops with water. This is called hydroponics. You can make your hydroponic garden wherever you want. hydroponics with fish You can also make it above the aquarium containing the fish. However, do not forget to always clean up the plant and also gave him a nutrient that is not exposed to pests that can hurt you and can make you sick plants. hydroponics growing system Related PostsGrowing Tomatoes and Chilli Plants in A Simple Hydroponics – Hydroponic Wick SystemHydroponic tomatoes part 1growing hydroponic tomatoesVivigrow Hydroponic Planter – Growing Tomatoesgrowing hydroponic tomatoes indoors#2Winter Hydroponic Tomatoes part 3

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  • PastorDowell 1 year ago

    Very good job brother, I will be watching and learning.

  • elanapetrovich 1 year ago

    This year we are trying out hydroponics.

  • Willows Garden 1 year ago

    That is so awesome, I think you have a great set up, thanks for sharing and God Bless! New sub.

  • brendahere 1 year ago

    I love that your working together on this project.  It's going to fun decide what to do and going over what you should do next year.   
    This year it's going to be mostly container gardening for me.  I want to move and it if I put everything in the ground I can't take it with me LOL.

  • The Productive Garden 1 year ago

    It will be great to see your system up and going. It is looking good.

  • groovesme 1 year ago

    I think you have a nice hydro system going.  Can't wait to see what you grow in 'em! 

    I couldn't tell by the video but you should double check if those barrels are translucent enough to let some light through which will cause algae blooms.  If they do a few coats of paint will help a lot and also give the plastic a bit more UV protection.

  • elanapetrovich 1 year ago