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Fruitful Healthy Living: Fruitarian Diabetic: Taking a look at Mark’s 3- year-old fruit tree yard in South Florida. He is now experimenting with some hydroponic gardening. Here is his setup so far. CHECK OUT MY NEW BOOK!!! Healing Diabetes with Fruit: Ex-Type 2s on a Fruit-Based Diet by Tasha Lee: Want to be inspired daily to live a fruitful, fruit-filled life? Keep up with Tasha here: Facebook Page: Tasha Lee’s Personal Facebook Page: Tasha Lee’s Eating Disorder Recovery Story & Help: Diabetes & Fruit Facebook Page: Tasha Lee’s Type 1 Diabetes Facebook Page: Tasha Lee’s Fruit & Diabetes Video Logs: Tasha Lee’s Bio: Tasha Lee’s High-Carb/Low-Fat Plant-Based Healing Inspiration & Information: Tasha Lee’s Fruit-Based Raw Food Diet Health Improvements: Tasha Lee’s Low-Fat, Fruit-Based Raw Vegan Recipes: Tasha Lee’s Vitamix vs. BlendTec Review: Tasha Lee’s Resolving Raw Vegan & Fruitarian Health Problems Video Playlist: Kitchen Equipment & Supplements I Use (to Prevent Raw Food Health Problems & Deficiencies): Flat Belly Fruit & Veggie Challenge (Free Online Fruit-Based Raw Food Support/Accountability Group): Fruit & Diabetes Facebook Group (Free Online Support Group for Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetics Eating a High-Fruit/High-Carb/Low-Fat Plant-Based Diet for Healing): Florida Fruit-Lovers Meetup Facebook Group: Tasha Lee (Health) YouTube: Tasha Lee (Type 1 Diabetes) YouTube: Tasha Lee (Signed Music & American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreted) YouTube: Filming & Editing by Tasha Lee and Seth the Apartment Gardener: Video Rating: / 5 How to start from seedlings so you can later transplant to a hydroponic system. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsTeaching Kids Vertical Hydroponic Growing & Raised Bed Gardening at Pine Jog School in South FloridaVegetable Gardening South Florida StyleAmanda Gerber: […]

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