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strawberries grown in hydroponic tote, growing strawberries the easy way! PH kit with up and down solution use this link net cups link strawberry crowns cheap Video Rating: / 5 In this video, Dr. Nate Storey of Bright Agrotech discusses how phosphorus works in aquaponic systems. ( Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to Grow Hydroponic Strawberries on Vertical TowersExcellent Hydroponic Strawberries Farming in Greenhouse and Satisfying Harvesting ProcessAwesome Hydroponic Strawberries Farming – Modern Agriculture Technology – Strawberries Harvesting(GROW INDOORS) Amazons Strawberry Hydroponic PVC System, Grow The Best StrawberriesStrawberry in New Growing System – Growing Hydroponic StrawberriesHow to Plant and Grow Strawberries in plastic milk bottle or Hydroponic reservoir & Coco Coir

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  • Wendy Karina Arroyo Llanos 1 month ago

    are neutral days your strawberries??

  • NCRealEstate919 1 month ago

    Do you want all the roots you can get through the hole (and in the water)? Or do you want to keep some inside the net pot?

  • tony zarzecki 1 month ago

    Just ordered 25 bare roots I plan growing in totes, what kind of light do use, I have full spectrum grow lights or just shop lights to use.

  • RiseUpBlue 1 month ago

    looking forward to your updates! This is kratky method right?

  • Audi Pascalis 1 month ago

    Hello, thank you for the useful vids.

    Can adding this phosphate will lower the PH? And will this still be considered !, organic way of adding phosphate in the system?


  • চৌধুরী তাহমিম 1 month ago

    Which thing plant take? Some people said P2O5 other PO4

  • Enigma Cipher 1 month ago

    I have learned more from Nate then all other sources combined. His videos are easy to understand yet cover even the more complex questions that I had. Thumbs up from a long time subscriber.

  • Susana Zarzoza 1 month ago

    Hello, what do you think about cycle of phosphorus in aquaponic system? considering all the components, hidroponic part and aquaculture part. ¿Where we can find losses of phosphorus?

  • krish hritick 1 month ago

    Can you explain nutrition for tomatoes in hydroponics

  • Tilapia Guys 1 month ago

    Hey Doc, Great series as usual! Question: (factoring in lighting cycle changes for veg and flower in a soil grow). During a flower phase. would it be advantageous to pH your water a little higher towards the 7.5+ range to allow for better uptake of the P and K nutrients? Any thoughts appreciated…Thanks for the awesome work you do!

  • kdak247 1 month ago

    will phosphoric acid used to lower ph to 6.2 provide enough phosphorus?

  • DieAlphaEnte 1 month ago

    Hey Dr.Storey, while researchig Phosphorus i stumbled upon the effect of PO4 transforming to FePO4 under highly aerobic conditions.Apparently that stuff precipitates out an only breaks up under anaerobic conditions. Does this play a role in an AP-System?

  • Matthew Wijaya 1 month ago

    what is the purpose of mineralization tank that you say in the video thank you

  • chocobduc 1 month ago

    How much rock phosphate for a 55 gallon system? If I add a teaspoon of potassium, calcium and magnesium will phosphorus offset the balance? What is the ratio I need to add? 2 tsp P to 1 tsp everything else? Thank you

  • K4yr4h 1 month ago

    is there no kind of life form that can produce phosphorus in this system?

  • Karly Elvir 1 month ago

    Hey is there a more quantifiable amount to add, or just sprinkle about 1 tsp over the flowering plants root zone?

  • turdfurgison 1 month ago

    Below is a link to a drawing of my system. I was wondering if you think I could add some rock phosphate to the fruiting side? I know it would be ideal to have another system but you gotta make due right?

  • Alex Kyger 1 month ago

    I recently came across an interesting paper titled 'Valorization of Bones to Liquid Phosphorus Fertilizer by Microbial Solubilization.' (just google that to find the paper)

    From what I've read the author seemed to be saying that although rock phosphate is naturally occurring, it is a limited resource and that a more sustainable eco-friendly and efficient option would be the use of microbialy treated bone. Since there is tons of microbial activity in aquaponics systems, do you think that something like steamed bone meal could be suitable? 

  • Tom Behets 4 weeks ago

    Hi Nate. I got some red'ish spots on my young rucolla and potato plants. I uploaded some pics at
    Is this a Phosphorus or potassium defficiency? I got potassium sulphate if it would be potassium, but can't find what are the quantities to add. I got a 500L tank. 

  • EcoCrewAquaponics 4 weeks ago

    Great video Nate.. thanks so much 🙂

  • DJ Naccarato 4 weeks ago

    I've been worried recently about trace amounts of uranium found in phosphate fertilizers.

    Are there any phosphate supplements that you can recommend that absolutely don't contain trace amounts of radiation?

  • rachel kulberg 4 weeks ago

    I know that you have to be careful not adding too much iron to your system or you can lock out phosphate and this can actually cause yellowing of some leaves which can be very confusing !  I imagine the  reverse  is true as well (too much phosphate can lock out iron). . 

  • Oliver Garside-Coneron 4 weeks ago

    Hey Nate – I've always adjusted my PH and supplemented Phosphorus using H3PO4 – I dilute it with water and drip the solution into the sump over the course of a day or so. Is this wrong? i'am assuming so after watching your video.

    I've also used KOH on systems with low PH – using the same dripping method.

    I did notice a little bit more algae but I assumed that algae blooms aren't a problem if the fish eat all the algae??

  • justgivemethetruth 4 weeks ago