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Planting strawberries in hydroponic grow slabs outside. Variety is Seascape, an everbearing that I’m hoping will do well. I got this idea from; See how this worked out for me at: I bought the grow bags at; Link on that site: Be sure to shop around. They aren’t the cheapest with some of thier stuff. Video Rating: / 5 LED Grow Lights – as we all know, LED lighting technology has longer life span of around 50,000 to 60,000 hours which makes it the most effective option for long-term use. Because LED lights utilizes no filament, it truly is far more energy efficient than conventional light bulbs. As opposed to the conventional HID, LED grow lights for weed run cooler, enabling users to location the light closer to the plant giving the plant the best amount of light it necessary. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to Grow Hydroponic Strawberries on Vertical TowersExcellent Hydroponic Strawberries Farming in Greenhouse and Satisfying Harvesting ProcessHydroponic strawberriesHydroponic Tomatoes – Kratky vs Soil – Indoors vs OutdoorsAwesome Hydroponic Strawberries Farming – Modern Agriculture Technology – Strawberries Harvesting(GROW INDOORS) Amazons Strawberry Hydroponic PVC System, Grow The Best Strawberries

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  • JacobsBackyardGardening 5 years ago

    Great videos and awesome channel, if

  • Pato Antunes 5 years ago

    bended roots??

  • Mark Miller 5 years ago

    I bought these at; plantlightinghydroponics. They were discontinuing these and had them marked down. The project didn't go very well. I wouldn't use this particular product again to do what I did. The root just didn't catch well into the medium inside these bags. I got the idea from Buddhanz1 video. Check in the "About" under my video for a link to that video. There are a lot of other ways to do strawberries out there. I might try the "Tower" next. Makes for expensive berries when it fails.

  • Rick Cragg 5 years ago

    Hey Mark where did you buy the grow bags?

  • Rick Cragg 5 years ago

    Hey Mark where did you buy the grow bags?

  • OneYardRevolution | Frugal & Sustainable Organic Gardening 5 years ago

    Mark, I'm a complete novice when it comes to growing hydroponically. Thanks for sharing.

  • Vanessa Perez 5 years ago
  • DAN COOPER 5 years ago

    your info fucked up man do more research?

  • Anonymous user 5 years ago

    It's apparent your not a grower or have any experience growing anything. You also have no clue WTF you're talking about. Hydroponics is the best way to go for grow speed, size and quality.?

  • Mensch Konzah 5 years ago

    this dude sounds like lex's world?

  • kbr56 5 years ago

    Listen all of you soil vs hydro is a skeptal if u know what ur doing with hydro system you can grow the beautiful most smelly tasty pot ever but if u don't know how to grow in hydro you will grow garbage like the video said so for beginners grow in soil it's easier less of a head ache. Me I started with a soil and moved to hydro I'll never go back ?

  • seanosomething 5 years ago

    Dirt can kiss my unwiped ass…
    Fuck risking it all for 1/3 the result….yield/quality/vigor
    Oh and fyi buddy… hydro done properly is flushed .there IS no "chemical aftertaste yadda yadda yadda"
    I guarantee you if your were to blind test ANYONE.. they wouldn't have a fucking clue WHERE OR HOW any killer strain of pot was grown….
    Fukn hippy…..?

  • du9damage 5 years ago

    This is bullshit.?

  • Beanmachine91 5 years ago

    wouldn't clay pellets substitute soil for hydroponics??

  • Fat Milky 5 years ago

    As an ex hydroponics and soil grower. I feel abliged to let my fellow stoners know this is wrong in a LOT of places. Main one is that you can easily tell the difference between the two, this is bunk, why would you be telling people to ask their dealer instead of teaching them how to identify what I guarantee you are misidentifying. Chances are your talking of the difference between organic and chemical fertilizer grown, you can do either in soil, you can do either in hydroponics, when comparing the differences of grows with same strains and same fertilizers, soil to deep water coulture hydroponics, the only noticeable difference, whatsoever, was the yield of the plant, hydro far out weighing soil. If I presented stock of both in one back to you you would not be able to distinguish, especially if from clones of the same mother plant?

  • Garrett Gunn 5 years ago


  • David Gingrass 5 years ago

    Pretty good little video . Answered my question in three and a half minutes. Thanks a bunch?

  • Shindi Singh 5 years ago

    Surely its basic science that hydro is better than soil?

    Aeroponics is the best, trust me 😉 😉

    Roots want air and water-containing/carrying nutrients (and darkness). As long as the plant is 'held down/fixed' and not going to blow away, eliminating anything and

  • tear from the clouds 5 years ago

    nah i'm good…i'll fox with hydro…lol?

  • supaHighGreenNinja 5 years ago

    Good to know ..i belive soil is better , less energy and water is wasted here in california water is precious. ?

  • Jeremy Wood 5 years ago

    Colorado weed is weird, or maybe i just buy from people who don't like me lol.

  • J0nes 5 years ago

    they are both the same, the only difference is that Soil buffers so if you moisture it to much, the plant wont die. Soil is for beginners and Hydroponics is for experts?

  • Canoon Canoon II 5 years ago

    Take a look at 0:00…hide logo…horns behind the hand is the devil.?

  • Alejandro Soto 5 years ago

    don`t tell people what to do (Y).thanks for your time men?

  • HybridxKing40 5 years ago

    This video has 420 likes. WoW?

  • HowGooglish ofyou 5 years ago

    I prefer hydro grown rather then soil, more control and cleaner.
    I don't think soil grown produces a better smoke, I think it depends on the growers knowledge.?