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How to starting tomato seeds in Grodan starter blocks. These will eventually be placed into Grodan Hugo blocks for the grow season. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to make a hydroponic seed starting system cheap and easyHydroponic Seed StartingWhy I use Rockwool / Stonewool grow cubes for hydroponic seed starting and plantsAMAZING Growth in a Homemade Hydroponic Seed Starting System [DAY 14] Transplant!Hydroponic Seed Starting & Simple PVC Grow Light StandStarting Seed for the Hydroponic Greenhouse

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  • Masud Habib 1 month ago

    lighting hour per day?

  • gary larson 1 month ago

    I take a pencil and poke 2 more holes and plant 3 seeds, cut off the weakest 2, I start in 1.5" rockwool and then plant in potting mix, the large cubes are to expensive, i use a temperature controlled heating pad set at 70-75, you dont need grow lights untill after germination, water must be ph 5.5-6, usually 100% germination with this setup

  • Kevin Burns 1 month ago

    Where can you buy the wicking mat? Any specific size and the dome as well thanks.

  • huiya floral foam 1 month ago

    where are you buy the foam ?

  • Christine 1 month ago

    6 hour soaking is beyond absurd. 15 minutes (at the most) is all that is required

  • Johnny D 1 month ago

    good stuff

  • Wad Jay 1 month ago

    so I notice that some videos first don't expose light until sprouting. Does anyone why is that so and here light is exposed from the beginning?

  • Manuel Delos Santos Jr. 1 month ago

    looks like so much is the rockwool and growblocks?

  • kenbirzneck 1 month ago

    what about cloning ?

  • kenbirzneck 1 month ago

    tomatoes areeasy , lets see you try to grow mj this way… light till comes up

  • Ivory Angel 1 month ago

    thanks for video got straight to the point

  • happy green 1 month ago

    What light do you use to start the seeds?