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?Learn more hydroponic seed starting at Quick update on the seed starting for hydroponics series – 4 days in and most seeds have already sprouted! I talk about some things to think about as soon as your seeds start to pop out of the starter plugs in this video. Follow Epic Gardening: Blog: Shop: Forums: Facebook: Twitter: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsIndoor Gardening: Vegetable Seed Germination In 4 Days“Build a Hydroponic Herb Garden for Cheap!” by Epic Gardening“Full Hydroponic Herb Garden Guide” by Epic Gardening“Easy Seed Starting for Hydroponics” by Epic GardeningHow to Build Your Own Hydroponic Seed Starter : Hydroponic GardeningSeed Germination | How Does A Seed Become A Plant

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  • AdvenaMusic 5 years ago

    Can I put rockwool in earth??

  • Epic Gardening 5 years ago

    Hey Eva,

    For starting seeds you don't need to put any nutrients in the water. As far as the net pots, there are various sizes – these are 2 inches, which is ~50mm

  • Eva Rawden 5 years ago

    Hi! I am just doing video research to start my own soon. Are the net pots sizes 80mm and do you not need to put any nutrients in the water? Thanks!

  • Epic Gardening 5 years ago

    Thanks! I'll check it out, but I didn't get it sent to me…could you re-send?

  • GetOffTheGridGuy 5 years ago

    Nice. I sent you a video to look at. I will follow your luck with this. Check out my deep water peppers video… Good luck