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My indoor hydroponic lettuce needs some radishes to go with it. Will the Kratky method come through again? Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsOrganic Indoor Hydroponic Lettuce, Micro Greenhouse and a RadishTom’s Thumb Lettuce Indoor Kratky Hydroponic Gardening With LED Grow Lights (3/3)Tom’s Thumb Lettuce Indoor Kratky Hydroponic Gardening With LED Grow Lights (1/3)How to Make a Mini Kratky Hydroponic System for LettuceKratky Method-DWC-Compost Tea Hydroponics #5 Hydroponic TomatoesHydroponic Lettuce – Pablo – Kratky Method – Nutrient Concentrations

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  • carpii 1 year ago

    For the radish net cups, is there any recirculation or tubing going on? As far as I can see they're just sat above a box of nutrient solution right? Thanks

  • carpii 1 year ago

    Very entertaining vids. You deserve more subscribers!

  • msec 1 year ago

    munch munch munch

  • cicco 1 year ago

    HAHAH love the ,will it Kratky owesome

  • slyplaymike1 1 year ago

    wow!!….gonna try that right now. Thanks

  • Dean Forrest 1 year ago

    I would love to see you try a tomato or a melon of some sort.

  • puncho33 1 year ago

    No air pump?

  • atariforever2002 1 year ago

    Like the video but my Misophonia kicked in big time. Had to turn it off…

  • swordfish00007 1 year ago

    Great vid Jeb. Question can i do the Kratky outside my little cottage where there is direct sunlight? Or do you recommend doing it indoors etc? Also could one grow Wheatgrass using Kratky?

  • melodie gauthier 1 year ago

    Very cool! What kind of light are you using?

  • david henry 1 year ago


  • Camille Aaron 1 year ago

    Thank you soooo much for this. Never see it grow without being in the ground. I just got inspired.

  • Melissa NOYB 1 year ago

    Interesting, I didn't think radishes (root veggies in general) would work that well in hydroponic setting. Yours turned out pretty decent.

  • Daniel Zarate 1 year ago

    I laughed with the intro. Proper amount of creepy

  • justmeinflorida 1 year ago

    I'm now going to through some radish in my hydro grow tent yay! Thanks for posting. BTW the leaves are fantastic as a salad, even our 5 year old loves them. We made radish top and potato soup and it was YUM, the tops are a bit peppery so they pair really well with potatoes.

  • nathan carter 1 year ago

    lol. I love this, will definitely have to give it a try

  • Jeb Gardener 1 year ago

    Actually I'd never heard of them until you mentioned them. I searched
    them up and found the bit "will it taco?" etc you are probably
    mentioning, and I see how it could seem similar (especially when I'm
    choking down a radish leaf at the end.) Thanks for watching!

  • Benja's Uber 1337 Hobby 1 year ago

    Hey Jeb great video!! I can't wait to see more of this series!! New sub liked the video :)