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I have now harvested 33 potatoes from two six inch net pot buckets with the largest being tennis ball size. In about another month I will harvest my 8″ netpot bucket which should yield more potatoes. Video Rating: 4 / 5 agri-cube compact hydroponic unit produces 10000 vegetables per year, in the space of a single car park DigInfo TV – 26/7/2012… Related PostsAmazing Potatoes Hydroponic & Aquaponic Farming TechnologyStart a potatoes plants with just water hydroponicHydroponic Container Potatoes in the GreenhouseHydroponic Potatoes: Replanting Part of the TowerHYDROPONIC Tomato and Pepper House. NEW GREENHOUSE & SYSTEM (PART 1)Hydroponic Grow Tower Build Part 1 of 2

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  • larsonb33 5 years ago

    well you did all the work, payed $10 to run the electric pumps, bought all
    the fertilizer and you got 25 cents worth of food!?

  • Perfect Grower 5 years ago

    One of the few things we haven’t grown hydroponically. Good work!?

  • Mark Edwards 5 years ago

    How far can we stray from nature before we realize what a monster we are
    creating ??

  • Big John 5 years ago

    I just started a couple of hydroponic tomatoes trying out lava rock, its
    only $3.00-$4.00 a bag vs $30.00-$40.00 bag for hydroton?

  • Phima Bina 5 years ago

    The drawback to hydroponics is that you will have to pay for “plant food”
    or nutrients and supplements which can be high-priced.?

  • Almost Heaven Hydroponics 5 years ago

    I have an announcement for all my subscribers. I can no longer videos to
    this youtube channel, so I have created a new channel called Almost Heaven
    Hydroponics. I am truly sorry for the inconvenience, but this youtube
    goggle merger is giving me fits.

    Stay tuned, as I will have many more updates to list.

    Thank you.


  • ImMADasAMeatAxe 5 years ago

    hydro spuds good project ;)?

  • Max Cutler 5 years ago

    Throwing the potato was best part of the vid?

  • wateronly 5 years ago

    What variety of potato did you use?
    Did you start from potato slips?

    How about using a Perlite vs Hydroton Clay Pebles??

  • exodense 5 years ago

    “Now that’s a real pota…. Was a real potato ”
    Hahaha XD made my night?

  • Duane Combs 5 years ago
  • Duane Combs 5 years ago

    Yeah, that 8″ pot certainly has my attention. I want to go with a bucket a
    bucket too. I suspect that it will work even better, but with the high cost
    of hydroton it may not be feasible.

  • meanshoes 5 years ago

    Yep I agree the hydroton is expensive bro

  • totterdell91 5 years ago

    Hi Duane, try the youtube search function for “Aeroponic potato” for the
    setup by a guy named Erol Sinan. It’s interesting. All he is using is a
    table with black plastic sheet around it, and an up firing spray unit.
    Looks cheap & functional Please drop me a line at if
    you can (I’d like to get you to look at a photo of some tomato leaves from
    my dutch buckets & seek your opinion) Brendan

  • meanshoes 5 years ago

    I’m just blown away they did so well eh Duane. Now they are lifting the
    Hydroton up and not so much to the sides eh. I’ll give this a try also
    great experiment Duane! I’m looking to see the 8″ pot

  • Jacques Macaire 5 years ago


  • Indoor Harvest 5 years ago

    We are developing a system that would give near 640 square foot of
    Aeroponic growing for the same price of this system and you could grow
    micro greens, leafy greens from the same system. It’s not near as fancy,
    but you don’t need fancy to make money. facebook/indoorharvest

  • kmarinas86 5 years ago

    Two words.

  • IwhatFooFoo 5 years ago

    But, will it blend? That is the question.

  • Jose Rocha 5 years ago

    sounds like a perfect target for a bio-chemical terrorist attack

  • Alex Shahu 5 years ago

    these is cool!!!

  • Kostiantyn Kostin 5 years ago

    I think it could be much more efficient and rational to use sunlight too.
    Minimizing electricity costs.

  • Christ-Jan Wijtmans 5 years ago

    no humans dont require meat.

  • The Sheeper 5 years ago

    like how americans killed all those iraqis and afghanis for no reason?

  • GigawingsVideo 5 years ago

    Explain me why.

  • Julian Ryan 5 years ago

    …but can it grow Crysis?

  • Bryan Kale 5 years ago

    @bullshitthat ~ EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING … As a necessity and using
    sunlight and supplemental led lighting… maybe 10 per city 🙂 UFO ’12

  • ethaneveraldo 5 years ago

    I’d like to see a miniature version of this for the house… like the size
    of a fridge. Fresh vegetables right from your kitchen!

  • Vitaly Sobol 5 years ago

    this is not utopia, it’s the future of abundance

  • pxxpandaxxa 5 years ago

    We have absolutely mastered agriculture. Incredible 🙂

  • lausangio 5 years ago

    Can it grow marijuana?

  • hitssquad 5 years ago

    aeroponics > hydroponics

  • GigawingsVideo 5 years ago

    90%? did you just use statistic you pull out from your rear end entrance?
    Also as a man who live in a developing country where most farmers own their
    own land (surprise surprise!). Most multinational companies prefer to build
    factories near big cities. If you really want to talk about working class
    you need to mingle with them more rather than throwing around meaningless
    statistics and numbers on the internet.

  • princeaizen 5 years ago

    could this be used for weed

  • osbely 5 years ago

    Vegetarian’s dream gift.

  • Ashyboy1992 5 years ago

    We need more stuff like this in cities. But instead like in the video, we
    need actual sky rise buildings that are like farms in the city.

  • Rotorzilla 5 years ago

    yes AC and chilled water, lettuce grows best in cool air and cool water.
    With all those grow lights inside you need to pull the heat out.

  • Duong Nguyen 5 years ago

    How much energy does this thing use? Looks like all fluorescent and then
    there is the climate control.

  • GigawingsVideo 5 years ago

    Healthy plants free of pests and pesticides. Also don’t forget wind power.

  • XxPimpStarzXx 5 years ago

    I’m gunna grow Soooooo much weed 😀