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Lets take a look at the a banana pepper grow! In this we will discuss lighting, nutrient, media, grow method and production! Video Rating: / 5 Video shows moving Master Kush clones from tray to a top feed hydroponic bucket system. Check out for it’s progress and Live Feed. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsAwesome Hydroponic Strawberries Farming – Modern Agriculture Technology – Strawberries HarvestingAwesome Hydroponic Farming Modern Technology | Aquaponics agriculture – Vertical FarmingGrow Tons of Tomatoes, Peppers and Figs – Dutch Bucket Hydroponic SystemHydroponic Winter Peppers (DWC)Indoor Hydroponic DWC Method For PeppersHydroponic Tomatoes and Peppers Update

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  • Daniel Witzel 5 years ago

    Thank you! My bell pepper is big but only one fruit. Will try the toothbrush method?

  • Florida Fishing Boys 5 years ago

    Hey man great video,
    I just have a question about the nutrients. I'm growing jalapenos right now but there still in there younger ages and don't really have any flowers. I'm using urban hydroponic 27-11-40 fertilizer. Do you think thats ok. I looked at dyna grow bloom and saw that its only 7-9-5.?

  • NordeggSonya 5 years ago

    I am impressed with what you have done.

  • Ulisses Piassa 5 years ago

    Oh yeah, really great vid. I grow lots of peppers in my backyard. But surely gonna try this.
    Thanks for sharing! :D?

  • James Bradshaw 5 years ago

    DAM that thing is loaded lol. So you do air stone 12hours off and 12 hours on as well as lights, but my question is are you running the pump simultaneously with lights on. Or do you alternate??

  • Dan Bornmann 5 years ago

    Nice Setup man, cool slomo with the pollination. Are you still growing now? Im getting some ideas ready for spring with my hot pepper garden.?

  • GetOffTheGridGuy 5 years ago

    What kind of lighting are you using? I assume not CFL. HPS, Metal Halide??

  • GetOffTheGridGuy 5 years ago

    Yeah man! Yeah! I have some videos of my hydro pepper grows. Your grow room is nice man. Keep growing?

  • Jonathan Murray 5 years ago

    Based on your seed selection you're a Lowes man I too am a Lowes fanboy?

  • Jared Brewer 5 years ago

    Foliar is pronounced FO-LEE-ARE.
    Foliage is pronounced FO-LEE-EDGE.
    Other than that, it looks like a great grow! I'm growing reapers and I can get up to 900 ppm before it starts showing signs of overfeeding. Congrats!?

  • Jacob Doherty 5 years ago


  • Michael 5 years ago

    I am having a problem getting mine to produce fruit, I have a Ghost Pepper RDWC setup and the plant are super healthy. I switch over to flower nutes 4-14-14 about a month ago, I am getting flowers but they end up dying off and no peppers. I only have them at 550ppm and if I take it any higher they get tip burn… any suggestions??

  • Doc Blak 5 years ago
  • John James Brown 5 years ago

    Thank you for a great info.

  • Keith Fox 5 years ago


  • avgrim77 5 years ago

    Nice grow room. I used a walk in closet and a 175 watt HPS light

  • Hydro Eats Farm 5 years ago

    ? Hydroponic Peppers – Hydroponic Awesome! – this is a great video – love the peppers

  • Kathi W 5 years ago

    Can you share how you start your seeds – I am having the worse luck.?

  • Indoor Hydroponix 5 years ago

    Hydro Banana Peppers are awesome!?

  • Brock Hughes 5 years ago

    What ive noticed with peppers is if you over feed them they take forever to get over it. I think the hottest I ever run them in the greenhouse in full sun is about 900 ppm and that's depending on the variety. I agree light constant feeding is the way to roll!

  • trackpro28 5 years ago

    dem toes?

  • Jim Sharp 5 years ago

    Nice setup but if you have the water pump running all the time wont u flood the rockwool which may potentially drown the plant? ?

  • Nataly Billett 5 years ago

    Hydroponics is an effective system but it also have some drawback, you will need to buy some "plant food", nutrition and supplements that may be costly. Before setting up any hydroponics system, it is best to check out the benefit from aquaponics system, which can automate 95% of work.?

  • Mikel Cianni 5 years ago

    You actually can build your indoor garden that doesn't need weeding, tilling or cultivating, the spreading of fertilizer or garden compost, without watering or irrigating; all while your plants generate up to 10 times the amount of fresh vegetables than plants from a dirt garden.
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  • shroombud13 5 years ago

    how many times did u feed them a day and for how long, im swichen from ebb n flow to this method

  • shroombud13 5 years ago

    some people just keep them on

  • shroombud13 5 years ago

    the black tubes are for feeding the plants

  • naniyo 5 years ago

    I wish you could tell us what kind of beans you used lol

  • alex hambo 5 years ago

    water? lol

  • Abiel Mandal 5 years ago

    You really can build your backyard that does not require weeding, tilling or cultivating, the spreading of fertilizer or compost, with no watering or irrigating; all while your plants generate up to 10 x the amount of fresh vegetables than plants from a dirt garden.
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  • Onesixcruz 5 years ago

    Oh look is Charles Chaplin growing cannabis lol

  • OriginalStonedGypsy 5 years ago

    id put an air stone in the reservoir.

  • GONZO C 5 years ago

    you smell like bacon

  • chueffer 5 years ago

    Why did you not remove the plastic from the side of the rock-wool? WTF?

  • jordon liverett 5 years ago

    look at his toes. lmfao

  • Chemeleon15 5 years ago

    the water trickling from the pots back into the reservoir picks up oxygen as it falls through the air. this adds dissolved O2 to the reservoirwater which is then recycled through the system. Also, because the plants and their roots aren't completely submerged the moisture on their roots picks up O2.

  • BarryCam NeverGetBusted 5 years ago

    Kopbusters, NeverGetBusted…. Barry Cooper…. if these are unfamiliar.. get googling… u should know how to avoid getting busted.. knowledge is power… learn from an ex narc how to avoid raids.

  • dasbooof 5 years ago

    no airstone/bubbler needed for this setup?

  • JRcountry544 5 years ago

    nice clones

  • Denaro1987 5 years ago

    would have been great if it had sound, you can easily take this video and dub over it with a mic and make it much more enjoyable