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Grow organically, hydroponically or aquaponically with the Sun State Organics Vertical Growing System – but the differences don’t end there. It’s fully adjustable, flexible and able to grow more using less anywhere – indoor or outdoor – on or off the electrical grid. With various emitters, geo textile bags and different pole lengths you can achieve virtually any growing result effortlessly! Related PostsUsing containers to stack high yield farms for urban produceHigh Density Vertical Growing System- A Great Idea!Cannabis High Density Mobile Vertical Growing Systems by Montel Inc.Urban Produce High Density Vertical Growing SystemNaked High Flow Hydro flower2 recirculating dwc hydroponic growing systemPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living Walls

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  • rolypig 9 months ago

    Excellent system. Saving water is key to food production in many countries of the world.
    Integrating SunStateOrganics' system with organic waste recycling is pure genius.

  • John Clifford 9 months ago

    Great system – love it!

  • Greg Marsh 9 months ago

    Cool stuff Brian