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Understand the relationship between electrical conductance / conductivity (EC) and TDS meters (PPMs) when measuring the strength of your hydroponics nutrient solution. (Respect and thanks to CGP Grey for the inspiration to create this video!) Video Rating: / 5 Side-by-side results comparison of soil vs hydroponic growing techniques on outdoor homegrown cannabis. In this experiment I use FoxFarm Happy Frog and Ocean Forest soils and the CANNA Coco line of coco hydroponic growing products. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHydroponic Nutrients Explained Plus Choosing Grow Lights and Hydroponics Starter KitsHydroponic Marketing Nevada — How Can I Sell More Hydroponic Nutrients?Is Hydroponic Farming Safe? | Hydroponic vs Soil | Hydroponic NutrientsDry vs. Liquid Hydroponic Nutrients: Pros and ConsThe 6 Hydroponic Growing Techiques ExplainedBest Hydroponic Nutrients For Cannabis

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  • Tone Andersen 4 years ago

    What? I look like a koalabear with ? marks all over me now lol

  • YK Chau 4 years ago

    Great video, I have a question, if I test a water sample with different PPM conversion tds, is the EC should be same but the PPM result vary?(If they can display both EC and PPM)

  • grackleone 4 years ago

    All got out of that was he is another hater of the U.S.of A. good job.

  • Leonardo Mahzouni (MahzouniMedia) 4 years ago

    wow you talk so fast i only hear bla bla bla … :(

  • Lacy LaPlante 4 years ago

    Note to self: Learn E.C. and stick with it, not ppms. wtf Aaaahhhh. Damn, you know what I feel like now?
    "Beauty school dropout… la la la la la la la"

  • tv76g 4 years ago

    So what should your TDS meter read when your plant is completely flushed? Hope you can help? Thanks

  • Daniel Ziv 4 years ago

    slow the fuck down some people are high watching this trying to learn how to grow some food.

  • EazY OGKuSh 4 years ago

    you made me so confusede right now :O

  • Timmyboy Hiho 4 years ago

    Great video dude , enjoyed as hell. Great speech speed and presentation :D. Literally was smiling the whole video.
    Usually i NEVER comment but for this one i even made an acc lol. dont mind others about speech speed cuz people who knew what they were lookibg for understood everything pretty well for sure. Keep it up! going to check your videos daily.

  • meany mouse 4 years ago

    damn. your videos stress me the fuck out. i know you're trying to cram a lot of info into a video by why not just talk at a normal speed and have the videos be longer? i would be so much more likely to watch all your videos if they were that way.

  • paul jones 4 years ago

    WOW I was gonna buy one… but I don't think I`ll bother now… I think I`ll keep me ppm, and spend it on me me me lol

  • Trav is 4 years ago

    great breathing technique

  • kadwa 420 4 years ago

    Informative as always. (y)

  • dave oneil 4 years ago

    wow… good info but fast! tf 4 th pause btn

  • Paul Filomena 4 years ago

    GREAT video!! I was trying to fumble through an explanation to one of my employees yesterday. I should have just picked up my iphone and said "watch this".

  • fatmanplaying 4 years ago

    At first it was amusing how you talked so fast… At first.
    I think you should redo this video, I'm sure there is interesting info here
    it's just very hard to understand it. It's not just me :)

  • Simon Maier 4 years ago

    are you that game theory guy ???

  • maaaaaajed 4 years ago

    too fast

  • Rusty Smith 4 years ago

    You should be an auctioneer cos they talk at three times normal speed .

  • zeroizeable 4 years ago

    Awesome video. Is an EC test supposed to be able to tell you which nutrient is out of balance in your water? Or does it just tell you if your mixture needs topping up or diluting?

  • Mario Marquez 4 years ago

    Just an FYI do you know what the word hydroponic means do you understand what hydroponic is all . I don't want to come off as an asshole but please please I know it's your first grill do your homework. Girling weed is cool

  • tayler barry 4 years ago

    that soil looks like crap.

  • Nick Brown 4 years ago

    I feel like it would be a better comparison if he would of the fox farms hydro and soil

  • uphillyme 4 years ago

    what size fiber pots are you using ?

  • Veronica Acosta 4 years ago

    So which one tasted and smoked better is what I want to know

  • Bronco 1 4 years ago

    soil all day baby

  • C Carr 4 years ago

    Why the darth Vader

  • Daly Redline 4 years ago

    ph on coco is 5/5 6/2 best @ 5/7 certain microbial life forms need it their = check canna web site its awesome

  • Daly Redline 4 years ago

    never flush the coco with water use canna flush 4 more bottles that go with a // b check their web page

  • skoalmint614 4 years ago

    how much did they pay you for this propaganda

  • Alejandro Valdiviaz 4 years ago

    Where can i buy the smart pots bro

  • Terrence Martin 4 years ago

    Good job bro

  • Carl Evans 4 years ago

    water temps are easy out side more so than inside!!! keep all pipes in the shade, paint pots that catch the sun white and bury plastic food grade drum ( 55 gal ) in the shade should do the trick. let me know if this helps to anyone who actually tries it or has used this method please comment i have 2 drums in two dif setups that work great!!! I live in Australia and is hot as hell.. real dry heat and Im doing great!!!"

  • Billy Bob 4 years ago

    I can't even watch your video due to your voice…

  • X3X1S Productions 4 years ago

    what woud happen if you used the hydro nuts in the soil? all nuts are diff so its hard to take this as it is since the hy and so are getting a diff nut. maybe make another vid explaining?

  • Humanzee 4 years ago

    What ended up happening?? Dying to know

  • James Needham 4 years ago

    I'm lazy so rather soil

  • Pacman Johnson 4 years ago

    still still doesnt speak for the no till method of soil. which may give yields of comparable results to hydro. also if your growing outdoors id look into some serious ipm. beneficial insects are your best friend.

  • Jon Dor 4 years ago

    I'd rather shop at whole foods rather than walmart