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An update of my Harbor Freight greenhouse with Hydroponic deep water, NFT, and a dutch bucket-esq type of system. everything is home made, and on a trial basis. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsSingle Dutch Bucket Hydroponic System – Easy DIY – Patio – Balcony – Winter GardeningDutch Bucket Hydroponics inside Harbor Freight 10×12 GreenhouseHydroponic Greenhouse Project, Dutch bucket tomatoes, NFT Peppers and LettuceStarting Up Hydroponic Dutch Bucket TomatoesUpdate Dutch Bucket Hydroponic Tomatoes Oct 2012 HDDutch Bucket Hydroponics System

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  • Such a nice setup.

  • Ray Boley 11 months ago

    where did you get that pump

  • David S 11 months ago

    very nice, well thought out system. great job!

  • richard stockton 11 months ago

    Dude I Could Sleep In There , Nice System …..

  • Richard Kunz 11 months ago

    Love your rail system, I'm building a hydro greenhouse also. got some great ideas from you thanks

  • amazing build plant bro!

  • Stephen Canas 11 months ago


  • Amsterdam Tinus 11 months ago

    great system! looks very good as well

  • Jose Arias 11 months ago

    Thanks For the Video Brandon !!!! I live in Downey, CA. and I'm really exited to buy the Green house from Harbor Freight tools, and develop my own system !!!
    Any advice on the green house assembly or modifications?

    Thank you !!

  • notsocool 11 months ago

    Looks like you are ready to start growing marijuana!

  • Hydroponic City 11 months ago

    great video buddy what kind of ppm you end up with after mixing your nutrients?

  • Stephen Canas 11 months ago

    Did you concider a fogger system? they have hydroponic foggers and they provide even better distribution of nutrients.

  • Stephen Canas 11 months ago

    Did you get the vinyl fence posts and caps from home depot?

  • Faye Spath 11 months ago

    I am going to try and build your system today. Really love the layout of it. Can't wait to see an update on it. Great job!

  • Bas M. 11 months ago

    Your build looks great, i've been watching a lot of videos about aqua/hydroponics and i notice a lot of the pumps used are quite power hungry. If i would use such a setup it would cost me about 10 euro (11 USD) per week. That's a lot of produce i can buy in a bio-shop.

  • Cristian Mauricio Villamarin Villamil 11 months ago

    Hey Brandon, thank you for the tip of the liquid nutrients. How oftent you change the whole water from your 45 gallon tank?

  • bicanoo_magic 11 months ago

    Brandon, this is the best non-commercial home based hydro system I seen on the net. Very easy to follow. Very comprehensive and the results speak for themselves. The fence post idea is brilliant and will be what I use in the future. thanks so much for the vid.

  • Bungo Man 11 months ago

    Hey Brandon Very good job thank you for the all videos Tell me how much electricity cost you have to cover just for the whole system for how many plants you have ? Thank you

  • anotherdamnyankee 11 months ago

    Brandon those bulk head fittings are NOT at Home Depot, they're sold at Lowes. Spent a lot of time looking for them. They cost $12.99 each