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This is a solid A vs B experiment showing the difference between using nutrients vs water only when growing Microgreens hydroponically. The results are beyond conclusive. Visit True Leaf Market through my affiliate link to purchase seeds, kits and supplies at no cost to you this helps me out. If you enjoy my videos, please consider becoming a Patron Related PostsMicrogreens | Amaranth (Hydroponic)Growing Microgreens – Hydroponic Method Part 1 – Planting Micro GreensFLUSHING MY HYDROPONIC PLANTS + watering with nutrientsThe Best Hydroponic Nutrients For Your SystemHow to build an Indoor Growing Hydroponic Rack for Microgreens and Culinary HerbsMicrogreens | Dandelion (Hydroponic)

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  • Christopher Connelly 5 months ago

    ALL those commenting about nutrients, micros will require nutes once they grow past the first leaf stage!

  • Peter Cohen 5 months ago

    Nice. What dilution of normal maxi grow? 50%? 25%?

  • Nabil Eskandar 5 months ago

    I don’t agree seed has all nutrients. You defeating purpose of the microgreens all what needed is water and light. My 7 days old radish are very healthy I got 16 ounces of one flat.

  • sailingsolar 5 months ago

    Some people use filtered water and soak their seeds for 24 hours. Have you tried that?

  • reney l 5 months ago

    Just a quick question – when you added nutrients to the water only trays to try and perk them up a bit – did they grow any better from that point on? I have a tray of sunflower on coco coir that is struggling a little and I thought I might give them a nutrient boost and see what happens. Thanks for another good video.

  • Joanna Bassi 5 months ago

    would you add nutrients to soil grown microgreens?

  • HydroponicGardening_Plus 5 months ago

    couldn't you have misted the micro greens with nutrient water? Or di you not want the nutrients on the leaves?

  • Troy Yarbrough 5 months ago

    Did you also stack the trays? I didn't see that in the video.

  • ghallison69 5 months ago

    Corey do you sterilize the pads before you use them?

  • Phillip Gleason 5 months ago

    lmfao- "it's not very organic- but neither am I"

  • Phillip Gleason 5 months ago

    Does using your bare hand to mix nutrients affect ph- such a small batch and all

  • Konstantin A 5 months ago

    Cool experiment. Can you tell if there are the difference in taste compared to hydro/water and soil/water?

  • Gustavo Schmidt 5 months ago

    Hi! Have you tasted it? Did you notice any difference? Thanks!

  • Kate Cortez 5 months ago

    As always I really appreciate you taking the time to share the experiment and results with all of us. Thanks so much.

  • City Urban Farm Jim Peckham 5 months ago

    This experiment is in line with the use of compost to grow micro greens in that there are nutrients available to the seedlings once they have germinated. I have tried all the different substrates to grow micro greens including the use of hydroponic solutions to compare as you have done Corey and the results have always been the same … water alone doesn't produce the best growth, and taste tests show they are bland by comparison.
    For me I prefer a proper organic compost (without animal by-products) to grow my micro greens veganically so that they are accessible to all members of the communities of my City, but I would say that hydroponically grown micro greens would produce the same excellent results as compost.
    Mother Nature helps lock in all the essential nutrients and amino acids necessary into the seed to ensure that wherever it lands given the right conditions it has the chance to germinate, from that point the environment the seed finds itself in will ultimately determine the potential quality of the emerging young plant.
    Great video and experiment Corey 🙂

  • Kevin Cassidy 5 months ago

    I am a little confused about the plant not needing any extra nutrition other than what is in the seed for the first week or so. Your test show a different story. Great video

  • ahmet faruk erhan 5 months ago

    I buy most of my seeds through True Leaf Market.Although since I live in Turkey,they are at times pretty expensive but they are really good.I use some local seeds,but the result is substantial.

  • ahmet faruk erhan 5 months ago

    Great video thanks.I've being trying this method for over six months now.I have never used any nutrients and now I see that I've got to try with my next trays,cause everything came out just like the ones without any nutrients..One thing I would like to ask is what would be the ratio of the nutrient to one cup of water.I have tried peas ,sunflower and beets.Unfortunately they all rotton and were disasters.I think there are only some crops that could be grown hydroponically,not all of them.

  • David Storn 5 months ago

    Thumbs up from me Corey, good experiment – if your looking to change substrate try the Canna coir range. I use the basic natural coir which is pretty neutral and lacks the high sodium content of some block coir – if your really adventurous they do a 'buffered coir' with specific nutrients, cost wise very favorable compared with say soil (at least in UK).

  • STAR MICROGREENS 5 months ago

    I've been using concentrace minerals in my water to get all the micronutrients in the greens with great results.