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A little video on how to use aged rice hulls with a hydroponic drip system. I show how I incorporate it into the FAWN platforms. Happy 4th of July! I love chatting with folks and answering questions. If you enjoy my videos, please like, comment and subscribe! You can subscribe by clicking this link and then you’ll get a notification every time I upload a video: Now, I’m on Facebook! Share your gardening thoughts and pictures! . A little about my setup. I have a hydroponic greenhouse. I grow in a system I call FAWN which is a modified hydroponic drip system. The media I grow in is aged rice hulls with parboiled rice hulls mixed. This has proven to be a great mix for me. I use Masterblend fertilizer as my nutrients to every plant grown. I’ve been pretty successful with my setup growing hydroponic tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, squash, cucumbers, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, turnip greens, corn, potatoes, kale, carrots, beets, spinach, onions, leeks, and even okra! Everything a gardener would desire. I also dabble in other areas like growing in raised beds, growing in a ground garden, grafting, pond activities, growing fruits, and other projects on the homestead. Thank you so much for stopping in! Video Rating: / 5 Wanted to try and overwinter (continue growing) a pepper and cherry tomato I liked from last year. Since I’ve finished the heated greenhouse, I decided to try to grow them in a unique way in it. Follow along and see how it turns out. More to come. I love chatting with folks and answering questions. If you enjoy my videos, please like, comment and subscribe! You can subscribe by clicking this link and then you’ll get a notification every time I upload a video: Now, I’m on […]

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  • Reginaldo Estremera 1 year ago

    How long did you age them?
    Or how long have they vbeen aged?

  • Mike Fondren 1 year ago

    Brent, I can see why you would take advantage of the abundance of rice hulls you have available there in Arkansas. However, to my knowledge there are no rice hulls here in TN. I would like to set up a FAWN system outdoors here. I checked with a local hydroponic shop to see how they set up their systems. They suggested mounting a cap with a net cup built in, filling it with the clay balls. Once this cap is placed on the bucket, the plants will grow and roots will extend beyond the net cup toward the bottom of the bucket (at least according to their theory). I would be interested in your thoughts on this type of medium. Or, what other medium would you suggest? Also, the shop suggested that they leave their nutrient mixture running constantly. >>>>> Thoughts??????


  • Home Grown Veg 1 year ago

    Hello Brent. Now I know what rice hulls are. HGV

  • Jenex05 1 year ago

    Would coir work just as well, it is also neutral?

  • air pruning hydroponics 1 year ago

    Nice view of the drain set up. No rice hulls in N. Texas. 🙁

  • Midwest Gardener 1 year ago

    Looks like pretty good stuff. Wish we could find some around here.

  • CB's Greenhouse and Garden 1 year ago

    Great info. None to be found in my area. Thanks for sharing with us. Happy 4th my friend…

  • diggs 1 year ago

    I put air stones in mine, makes the roots grow like crazy, I also put a drain hole just above the water line so I can water the soil and the excess will drain and still leave an air pocket

  • sanoni1 1 year ago

    Hi Brent! I've been thinking about this for a while and decided to look it up on youtube and there are your videos! Thank you so much, saves me time from experimenting. Quick question, what planting medium did you use for these 2 plants? Potting mix or cocopeat?

  • Rev John O'Toole 1 year ago

    what is the masterblend?

  • Todd Larsen 1 year ago

    I almost forgot, I call my versions Kratky containers.

  • DragonflyArtz1 1 year ago

    And here you are with a pepper plant and a tomato plant…Now THAT was quick! 🙂 Looks like just in time to get out of the cold too. The air really does make a difference. Nice!

  • Margaret Oliver 1 year ago

    This works well with bare root orchids also.

  • RD Kitchen Garden 1 year ago

    Very nice 🙂 look forward to see how it develops. Have a wonderful day

  • BobMels Gardens 1 year ago

    Nice place to play on a rainy day. Best wishes Bob.

  • Jim Battaglia 1 year ago

    Brent just to clarify I was thinking more on the line similar to a root spa system where no air stone are used but air injected thru a line from a grommet and short outside hose where you can monitor the water level add solution while acting as a airflow system. No lines in your bucket to worry about and you can hook up several with your pump you purchased. Look up root spa setup and see if that works for you. Good luck whatever you try.

  • Hydroponic Gardening & More with Brent 1 year ago

    This is what I enjoy. We're having some great conversations! Keep them coming folks!

  • Jeff Sullivan 1 year ago

    Should work as long as the water level does't drop faster than the roots. I didn't notice any roots growing through my net pots in my FAWN setup last year but I had lined the cups with weed barrier. That might be another problem.

  • CB's Greenhouse and Garden 1 year ago

    Only one way to find out. Have faith Brother! Agree on adding air stone will help a lot.

  • Midwest Gardener 1 year ago

    There are no bad ideas until there is proof, and I like that you are constantly trying new things. Sounds doable.

  • Keyplayr61 Greenhouse Hydroponics And Gardens 1 year ago

    If it were me, I would put holes in the top of the nutrient container bucket to help give air to the exposed roots, other than that, I don't see why it wouldn't work.

  • Jim Battaglia 1 year ago

    Interesting to see how it will work. My concern is oxygen. Thoughts of putting a bubbler in the lower container. One inch from bottom with air pump and let it bubble up. Sort of like the root space system.