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Bubble Joy! Interested in starting your own hydroponic medical herbs garden, but just don’t know how to get started? We have put together an awesome beginners medical herbs kit, which includes everything you need and everything you need to know to produce your own medical quality medicinal herbs. We have bundled together a great 6-banger hydroponics DWC (deep water culture) system with commercial air pump and beefy airstones, seed starter pods, enough nutrients for 2-3 full grows, pH test kit, a super-charged, top-notch 1,000 watt full spectrum LED lamp with a grow lamp timer. And best of all: Our Super Simple Medical Herbs Growing Guide, a quality eBook provided FREE with purchase of the kit. This unique e-book is crammed with how-tos, diagrams, nutrient charts, grow schedules, instruction in plant propagation and tons more. You’ll have access to insiders secrets and tips to getting the most from your grow. All in a compact, easy to read and follow guide. If you can read, you can succeed! Please watch our video for more details on this fantastic offer.* * Kit is intended for use only in areas where cultivation of medical marijuana is legal. You are strongly urged to find out the laws for your location, consult with an attorney knowledgeable in laws regarding cannabis cultivation. Related PostsRooting Hydroponic Clones, Medical Marijuana Grow – 07 – Indoor garden Hydroponic and organicHEALTHY ROOTS Hydroponic Medical Marijuana Grow 10 – PURPLE KUSH (Documented)Hydroponic Medical Marijuana Grow – Sour Diesel – OG Kush – G-13 Day 38MEDICAL MARIJUANA INDOOR GARDEN! – GROWING CANNABIS IN GROW TENTSMEDICAL MARIJUANA INDOOR GARDENING! – GROW UPDATE ON 4 WEED PLANTSHydroponics Marijuana Medical Grow Failed first attempt

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