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There are a TON of different types of hydroponic media out there and sometimes it’s tough to know what to use. I’ve used a bunch in my growing and have collected a lot of reader input as well to make this definitive guide to hydroponic media…enjoy and grow on! Full Hydroponic Media Guide: → Learn to grow your own food: → Join our worldwide gardening community: → Gardening Equipment I Use: → Hydroponic nutrients: → Simple pH testing kit: → Fancy pH testing pen: Reviews of my favorite gardening products: → Epic Gardening on Social Media: → Instagram: → Pinterest: → Facebook: → Twitter: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHydrokultur Garten mit PVC-Rohr Medien | Hydroponic Gardening with pvc Pipe Media[Electro House] DJ Hydroponic X5 : Lets Get StartedHydroponic Grow Light Kit Guide | Yield Lab Hydro ReviewHAPS HYDROPONIC KITS SETUP GUIDE. 3 – PUT THE SEEDS IN THE SPONGESA Beginner Guide To Popular Hydroponic KitsHAPS HYDROPONIC KITS SETUP GUIDE. 5 – POWER ON

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  • Indy Carr 6 months ago

    Left in the natural, the coco husks will break down and nourish the earth. They will not harm the environment.

  • Martin Szy 6 months ago

    One medium missed. Pea Gravel.….0…1.1.64.serp..0.1.75.kYdWkPu16DA

  • judyofthewoods 6 months ago

    It's worth trying charcoal chips. When done with them they can be added to the compost. Check out "terra preta". It might be possible to sterilise and . Can be ground down in an old meat grinder with a coarse plate to roughly the size of regular perlite.

    I'd be cautious with vermiculite. Some grades can contain asbestos. That might just apply to insulaton. but I'd rather be safe than sorry, especially when there are much better alternatives.

  • Mark Vera 6 months ago

    Coconut husks have a number of uses and are actually in high demand. Not much Eco value as pretty much all is recycled.

  • Jacob Baugh 6 months ago

    And finally you cannot get sand from a lot of beaches man because of the saline content which kills most plants.

  • Jacob Baugh 6 months ago

    You said that rock wool is easy to dispose of and then you say it is hard to dispose of?! Which is correct pal? I don't think you know shit!

  • KillerShootin 69 6 months ago

    Too be honest idgaf about coconut husks going to waste…if they hit the ground they decompose slowly back into the earth dont they? lol

  • Gundula Stehfick 6 months ago

    Goyim of the world unite !!!

  • chandra0102 6 months ago

    I used clay pebbles the first year of my experimenting with hydroponics. Found that the pebbles are not all the same size and many small size pebbles were going thru the holes in the net pots, floating in the water and eventually clogging up the tubes and creating problems in the filters. Also found that pea gravel – about 1/4" to 3/8" stone aggregate, washed and rinsed before the first use, works just as well, and is lot cheaper than clay pebbles. Saw no difference in plant growth between growing in clay pebbles vs. stone aggregate. Also, at the end of the growing season I was able to recover almost 90% of the gravel for reuse, but only about a half of the clay pebbles.

  • Jessie Room 6 months ago

    I know this vid is from 2013 but still wanted to leave a comment i live in thailand lots of coconut farming the husks are allways burned or illegally dumped

  • jeff mosier 6 months ago

    Bought some small lava rock to use. I do believe it will not alter the ph. Whats your thoughts?

  • jeff mosier 6 months ago

    How about using pea gravel from big box store? and will it effect the ph and by how much

  • Yassar Hanif 6 months ago

    this might be a fool question, but why not using soil for hydroponic?

  • SC Prepper 6 months ago

    how could u prevent coconut coir from drowning the roots? also, is it reusable?

  • CSG7Deuce74 6 months ago

    personal experience, idk if I had the mixture wrong or what, but I noticed that the stem from was weaker growing in coco coir than in soil. and if your growing in hydro, FUCK, your plant will explode in growth.

  • Oran Ramati 6 months ago

    really good guide thanks allot, thanks allot, it really helps understanding that a growing media is not just a magical substance sold in grow shops but something you can make if you have excess to coconuts or if your creative make it from sea weed or something .

  • dev bachu 6 months ago

    I am using that noe coconut fibres

  • LaaeL Gamer 6 months ago

    A few downsides "It does hold a lot of water, and if your not careful you might actually drowned your plants", sorry but this does not give me a lot of confidence in the product ? "In my experience if your doing it right it should be pretty safe"Why don't you tells us about your experience ? so we can avoid the issues that you had ? Stopped watching at 2:05

  • jeremy Del Castillo 6 months ago

    I have coconuts readily available to me. What can i do with it? I just rip off the husks and compress it? Thanks in advance

  • dev bachu 6 months ago

    hi so I can used wetoasis to put my plant on to stand in the solution i notice the root melting when I put it in the water solution