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  • BLUE 1 year ago

    Could you please give me list down of tools for plants
    ? thank for your support.

  • Cooking Magic 1 year ago


  • Javad Moini 1 year ago

    Hi. My listening English is not good. May you please add subtitles because Auto caption are not so correct. .

  • scottab140 1 year ago

    ♣+♣+♣+♣ = Food

  • ‫على محمد‬‎ 1 year ago

    الله  على التكنلوجيا …..ممتاز

  • Kanoelani Foy 1 year ago

    do they use aerator??

  • Lachi Maye 1 year ago

    The drawback to hydroponics is you will need to shop for "plant food" or nutrition and supplements which can be high-priced.

  • Rang Trinat 1 year ago

    The downside of hydroponics is you need to shop for "plant food" or nutrition and supplements which can be more costly.

  • vipul singhal 1 year ago

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  • June A. Clark 1 year ago

    Hydroponics is a good system but it also have some drawback, you will need to buy some "plant food", nutrients and supplements which may be costly. Before building any hydroponics system, you should think about the benefit from aquaponics system, which can automate 95% of work

  • Hydro Hills 1 year ago

    It's crazy that it takes almost twice as long to grow in the winter

  • Garden Sheds Kent 1 year ago

    How long have you been growing lettuce hydroponically?I salute you for having gone this far. I truly admire the process and methods of this kind of growing system. It really sounds great and interesting. You did a great job! 

  • bsug mugs 1 year ago

    it's very inspiring…

  • Kurd 99 1 year ago

    But may be the taste doesn't as good enough as a natural Lettuce.

  • Francis Terrault 1 year ago

    +JonTheChron explain me how would that be plant cruelty?

  • Francis Terrault 1 year ago

    @ jehan at the start of the process it is about 400-500 plants per square yard, because they are very small

  • Francis Terrault 1 year ago

    @imad they would lose a ton of money by planting only 18 lettuces per plate! and a ton of space

  • Francis Terrault 1 year ago

    @ jehan yes this is a mistake, it is about 18-20 lettuces per square yard at the end of the process