Video walkthrough from the initial setup of my basement hydro wall towers and dutch bucket grow systems. I am new to hydroponic farming and am still learning, so bring on the suggestions!

Veggies I’m growing in the Neumayer Wall System:
Red Salad Bowl lettuce
Green Salad Bowl lettuce
Buttercrunch lettuce
Green Onions

Veggies I’m growing in Dutch Buckets:
Cherry tomatoes
Beefsteak tomatoes

I started a web gallery to add more detailed photos along with expanded future updates:

Send me a message on my site if you have questions, suggestions, or tips to share!

Big credit goes to Joe Neumayer (The Neumayer Wall) for the guidance on making this happen!

Hydroponic Grow Wall Towers & Dutch Buckets – Basement Hydro – Week 1

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